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A bee club member called the other day, asking for help figuring out why his colony was weak. He hadn’t been in it recently, but when last checked, it seemed strong, and now it was down to about 3 frames of bees. Diagnosis always starts with history, so I asked how old the queen was.. […]

HOW TO IDENTIFY A SUSPECTED PESTICIDE BEE KILL AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT By: Pat Donahue   Identifying a Suspected Pesticide Bee Kill.  What the beekeeper will observe: A sudden large number of dead bees at the entrance of the hive and in front of the hive (more than 100/day is a normal average […]

This is splitting/ swarm control season across the state. I recently found a colony with queen cells in progress, and what looked like 50% drones among the adult bees, making it impossible to find the queen. This is no longer a stressful situation, since the Reverse Doolittle (or Fool-Proof Split) written about previously in this […]

You’ve seen the list of benefits of being a member of CSBA, but what does all of that mean to you as an individual beekeeper? Why do you want to belong to CSBA? Here are the reasons my club is affiliated, and through them, I am a member… Very high on my list of reasons […]

So you want to be a beekeeper! You’ll do your part to save the bees, and you’ll have honey on your toast every morning, right? My name is Ed Colby. I’m the president of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association (2016-2020) and a longtime columnist for Bee Culture magazine. Now take a deep breath, please, because […]

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