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Did you know that the success rate of beginning beekeepers is only about 20% without a mentor?  Keeping bees today is not easy, and someone’s opinion about how to do it in Florida may not apply here in Colorado.  Find someone who can help you with your bees in your area & don’t be afraid to formalize your learning with a class or two.
The following have been certified through the Colorado Master Beekeeping Program as either certified journeyman or master beekeepers:

Kathryn Thompson – Master of the Science of Beekeeping, 2023

Sue Pahl – Master of the Science of Beekeeping, 2024

Kathy Gill – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2022

Theresa Beck – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2023

Claire DeLeo – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2023

Deborah Foy – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2023

Alyssa Glover – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2023

MiKayla Henry – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2023

Liz Janson – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2024

Matt McLean – Journeyman Beekeeper, 2024

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