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More About CSBA

The Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. 


The Colorado Beekeepers Association shall be composed of Beekeepers of the State of Colorado and those interested in allied industries for the purpose of producing better beekeeping methods, better beekeepers, and a more unified system of apicultural work in Colorado.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Swarm Calls on a state-wide basis directed to affiliated Regional/Local Associations/Clubs via the CSBA Statewide Swarm Hotline – 844-SPY-BEES (844.779.2337).
  • CSBA’s Master Beekeeping Program provides advanced levels of Beekeeping Education along with Certified status for three educational levels including Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Beekeeper.
  • Beekeeping Hints and Tips via the CSBA Facebook page and the High-Country Bee email newsletter.
  • Discounted or free registration to CSBA Summer and Winter Meetings featuring noted speakers on Beekeeping educational and research topics of interest to Colorado Beekeepers.
  • A forum for networking and socializing with other beekeepers in the state via both in-person and virtual events.
  • CSBA Committees & Representatives working on behalf of Colorado Beekeepers including state-wide issues facing Beekeepers including Best Practices, Data Collection, Forage, Master Beekeeper Certification and Pesticides.
    • As an example, CSBA provides a representative to the Colorado State Pesticide Action Committee to assist in bringing beekeeping concerns on the use of pesticides to the State
    • The number of constituents represented by CSBA provides a voice for beekeepers in the enactment of laws, regulations, pesticide use, pollinator protection, etc. that better support our beekeeping activities. 
  • Free access to several “BuzzZoom” virtual educational presentations for CSBA Members planned to occur two to three times annually.
  •  The “Traveling Roadshow” that brings beekeeping instruction and education to Association/Club apiaries via hands-on, in-hive demonstrations and inspections (contact [email protected] to request a Traveling Roadshow).
  • Current Officers and Directors along with Past President Beth Conrey available to speak to community, civic, social, educational, and religious groups (contact [email protected] to request a presentation).
  • Access to the CSBA Website featuring up-to-date information and news on beekeeping issues.
  • Access to prior Summer and Winter Meeting Beekeeping presentations and education via a Members Only website location.
  • Educational and Outreach brochures/pamphlets available to associations/clubs and individual members.
  • Participation in Local & Statewide events aimed at educating the public on Bees and Beekeeping and their importance to the environment and our food chain.
  • The annual “Big Money Honey” contest.
  • Representation of Colorado Beekeepers in Regional and National Beekeeping organizations such as the Western Apiculture Society (WAS), the American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) and the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF).
  • The CSBA membership base provides a public presence throughout numerous communities in the State that provides education, bee  ambassadors and outreach for a better understanding of our environment and the need to protect Mother Nature through our collective stewardship of the earth. 

Your membership dues and participation support CSBA programs and activities while helping to sustain not only the beekeeping hobby we all love but also supports the beekeeping industry in both Colorado and beyond.

2022 Goals:

In 2022 we hope to assist additional groups of beekeepers to organize to support Beekeepers in previously un-served areas of the state. Additionally we will strive to:

  • Build a Sustainable Beekeeping Program that can instruct our Beekeepers on Splitting, Queen Rearing and Swarm Rescue to capitalize on our overwintered local Colorado Bees.
  • Continue progress on enhancing the forage opportunities throughout the state via public and private partnerships especially in dealing with Pollinator Highways.
  • Provide the “Why Join a Beekeeping Association/Club”  and other brochures to our affiliated Associations/Clubs and Members to use as COVID Meeting restrictions ease.
  • Expand the CSBA Master Beekeeping Program to graduate our first Colorado Certified Master Beekeepers and increase the number of Beekeepers seeking education through all levels of the Colorado Master Beekeeping Program.
  • Continue to offer the toll-free statewide swarm hotline (844-SPY-BEES) and expand the reach while increasing the use of the Hotline to Save the Bees and support the general public.
  • Provide Beekeeping Outreach & Education to Community Groups, Garden Clubs, Schools and the General Public.

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