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Bees–and all pollinators–need nectar and pollen to survive and thrive. In this state, honey production is down dramatically from 20 years ago due to an increase in “edge to edge” planting on farm acreage and an increase in urban and suburban development. In urban areas, flowering plants and trees are replaced with manmade materials and in suburbia–lawns replace gardens.
As we enter into another drought year, consider planting pots of pollinator friendly plants on your patio or deck. Consider replacing some–or better yet, ALL–of your lawn with plantings for pollinators.
Here are some suggestions for plants that will attract these necessary species to your garden and simultaneously reduce your overall water usage.

Why Plant for Pollinators?

The folks at Safer Pest Control Project are at it again! They have just released a really nice publication called “A Guide to Growing a Climate Friendly Lawn and Garden”. They are based in Chicago–which is obviously a far different climate than Colorado–but the principles remain the same.
How to build a pollinator garden
Your Urban Garden is better with bees
Establishing Pollinator Meadows from seed
Lawn for Pollinators–grass companions


Applewood Seed Company
BBB Seed Company
Botanical Interests
Granite Seed Company
The How To’s of Colorado Pollinator Friendly Seed Mixes

Plants for Pollinators:

Lauren Ogden’s Creating A Habitat Garden
CSBA’s “Save the Pollinators” brochure–A 3 season plant guide for pollen and nectar in CO
Plant Select’s Plants for Pollinators
Goddard Space Center’s HoneyBee Net–List of Honey Bee Forage Species in Region 2 CO
Gardening and Farming for Pollinators by OSU Bee Lab (List of Publications)

Harlequin’s Gardens Plant for the bees!
Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond
JeffCo Plant List
CSU’s Whitney Cranshaw’s “Gardening for Insects–or Not!” Flowering Plants and Bees
Colorado Native Plants Society
CO Native Plant Society Front Range Plant List
CO Native Plant Society’s “Low Water Plants for Pollinators”
NRCS CO Plant List
Beyond Pesticide’s “Bee Protective Habitat
Growing Bee-friendly Garden Plants

Pollinator.org Planting Guides:

For the Colorado Plateau Semi-Desert Province
For Intermountain Semi-Desert and Desert Province
For Southern Rocky Mountain Steppe Open Woodland, Coniferous Forest, Alpine Meadow Province

Reduce Turf:

Do More with Less Lawn
Lawn Gone!–A book by landscape designer Pam Penick


Steve Colbert Interviewing Mark Moffett from National Geographic on Comedy Central
National Geographic’s “Buzz on Pollination”
TED Talks on Pollination

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