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Wondering what a “nuc” is, or a “package”?

Nuc is short for nucleus colony. (It has nothing to do with nuclear power.) Think of it as the start or center of a new colony of bees. It usually consists of 5 deep Langstroth frames (roughly 2 of brood, 2 of food and one empty for the queen to lay in right away) a new, mated, laying queen, and bees all in a temporary travel nuc box of plastic, wood or cardboard. A nuc is a great way to get started in our climate, but costs a little more up front.
A package of bees is a wire screen and wood cage containing usually 3 pounds of bees, a new, mated queen in her cage, and a can of sugar syrup for the journey. The bees will need to build their own comb and accept the queen. This makes it a little more difficult to get started, but costs less up front. See your suppliers’ websites for more information.

Colby Farm

Nucs and double-deeps for sale
Ed Colby

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply

We carry a full line of hives, equipment, tools, protective wear, and beekeeping classes of all levels. We also provide honey extraction and consult services.
2019 Italian Nucs and packages available

Pre-order bees online: rockymountainbeesupply.com
Pick up will be here at the store in Colorado Springs.

Lazy Bee Ranch Honey still has packages left!

Italian or Carniolan queen from Koehnen’s.  Pickup on April 29th or May 13th will be at Lazy Bee Ranch Headquarters at Bromley Farm, 1594 E. Bromley Lane, Brighton, CO LazyBeeRanchHoney.com

Call Zack For Questions

Fat Mountain Queens

Queens locally adapted to Southwestern Colorado.  These are “mutt” queens that originated in cut-outs. They have been monitored for at least two years for low mite numbers, disease resistance, and good propolization (lots). I work bare-handed, so they are relatively docile.

Tina Sebestyen

Bayfield/Durango area of SW Colorado


https://beequest.buzz or bee.seeking@gmail.com

To Bee or Not to Bee   Nucs and Packages

Learn more here

PACKAGE BEES – To Bee or Not To Bee now has Carniolan and Italian package bees for sale online and in our store. Produced by C. F. Koehnen and Sons, with  Italian or Carniolan queens.

Order and learn more about the Carniolans here

Order and learn more about the Italians here


Apis Hive Packages

3# package of bees with Italian queen delivered to Grand Junction, CO and Denver Littleton.

Please visit my website for up to date information and to place an order.

Chad Raglund

Apis Hive


Email Chad Raglund

Northern Colorado Beekeepers  Packages and Nucs

packages for To Bee or Not to Bee and Lazy Bee Honey Ranch for club members


Highland Bees

Five frame nucs and queens available


(303) 514-9257.

Tim Brod

Highland Bees

Email Tim Brod

Dakota Bees  Packages and Native Bees

Three pound packages with Italian queens delivered to Wheatridge. quantity discounts. Order from my website

Locally raised leafcutter bees and blue orchard (mason) bees available in season while supplies last.

Greg Rye

Dakota Bees


Email Greg Rye

Prairie Wind Bee Supply Packages and Nucs

Pick-up only in Cheyennne, WY

Ordering and more info at our website.

Jonathan Root

Prairie Wind Bee Supply (307) 899-2332

Email Prairie Wind

Honey Hive Farms  Package Bees and Queens

Cordovan Italian or New World Carniolan 3# package .

Order on our website.

or Email Honey Hive FarmsTim & Connie Moore

Saving the world one bee at a time.

Honey Hive Farms

(602) 330-8468

Plan Bee

supplier of packages and nucs
(303) 286-7002

Swarm Hotline



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