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Where To Get Bees

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Wondering what a “nuc” or a “package” is?

Nuc (pronounced “newk”) is short for nucleus colony. (It has nothing to do with nuclear power). Think of it as the start or center of a new colony of bees. It usually consists of 5 deep Langstroth frames (roughly 2 of brood, 2 of food and one empty for the queen to lay in right away) a new, mated, laying queen, and bees all in a temporary travel nuc box of plastic, wood, or cardboard. A nuc is a great way to get started in our climate but costs a little more up front.

A package of bees is a wire screen and wood cage usually containing 3 pounds of bees, a new, mated queen in her cage, and a can of sugar syrup for the journey. The bees will need to build their own comb and accept the queen. This makes it a little more difficult to get started, but costs less up front. See your supplier/vendor/producer website for more information.

Packages, Nucs & Queens:

Beekeeping Buyers — Please exercise due diligence when choosing and engaging any supplier/vendor/producer on this list as CSBA is not responsible for the services or actions of the listed entities.

4 Corners Beekeepers Association (4CBA) *

Apis Hive & Honey Co *

Beekeepers Den *

Beeutiful Things

Brighton Bee Club (BBC) *

Burley’s Bees *

Copoco’s Honey

Country Sunshine Honey *

Coy Bee Company

Drubeez *

Eastern Colorado Beekeepers (ECBA) *

Fuller Bee Supply *

Hep Farm Honey *

Highland Honey *

Homestead in the Hood *

  • Sarah & Matt McLean – 303-518-7304 – mailto:[email protected]
  • 5 frame CO overwintered Nucs – $210.
  • Available first week in May – Pickup in Westminster, CO.

Izzy’s Honey

Kristina’s Honey

Lanoix’s Apiary

Mountain Warrior Honey

Nimbus Road Apiaries *

Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA)

Plan Bee *

Prairie Wind Bee Supply *

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply *

Ruth Williams *

  • Ruth Williams – 773-562-9987 – mailto:[email protected]
  • 20 Nucs available for 2023 in Longmont, CO.
  • Custom Nucs (4) and locally raised Laying Queens

To Bee or Not to Bee

Wardle Feed & Pet Supply *

  • Shaun Pearman – 303-919-7600 – mailto:[email protected]
  • 7610 # Acre Lane, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
  • Packages. Five dollar per package discount for anyone mentioning the ad on the CSBA website.

Zia Queen Bee Company

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