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CSBA General Information

For questions or information email our Communications Director/Club Liaison.

To post a Bee-related Event or Bee-related Classes that are being offered email to: events@coloradobeekeepers.org

To request a Speaker/Presentation for an Outreach/Educational Event email to: vp@coloradobeekeepers.org

For General Correspondence to the CSBA: secretary@coloradobeekeers.org

Mailing Address:

KT Thompson, CSBA Treasurer
9250 Rector Leader Mile Rd
Byers, CO 80103

2021-2022 CSBA Officers

President – L. Eric Smith – president@coloradobeekeepers.org –  303-550-1923

Vice-President – Ted Ning – vp@coloradobeekeepers.org –  720-353-5279

Secretary – Joe Komperda – secretary@coloradobeekeepers.org –  303-304-6459

Treasurer – Kathryn Thompson – treasurer@coloradobeekeepers.org303-517-5722

Advisor – Dan McConnell – advisor1@coloradobeekeepers.org303-947-7925

Advisor – Dru Spinuzzi – advisor2@coloradobeekeepers.org719-250-3441

Advisor – Tina Sebestyen – advisor3@coloradobeekeepers.org970-884-8190

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