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Why Join a Bee Club?


I joined a bee club as a “newbee.” I have met so many helpful mentors, zany friends and gotten the best education ever. I am helping to connect with others in my area to refer them to my bee club and provide support to them throughout the year. Beekeeping is so much more, rich and fun when connected to other like-minded individuals. Jane

I have found all of the meetings to be highlyinformative and fun. I’ve enjoyed getting to talk with other beginners and experienced beekeepers about their experiences. It’s made the whole process go from intimidating to fun, which is how it should be. I feel much more confident, and I don’t feel so isolated. I’m scheduled to pick up my bees next weekend, and while I’m a little nervous, it’s a good kind of nervous. I can’t wait! Julie


Being a bee club member means you have a resource when you need it. You can pick and choose [meeting] topics. You can attend when you are having new bee issues. You can get email assistance anytime. It’s like a family; you don’t have to see every week/month but always there when you need help. Anon

I joined the Mile Hive Bee Club and it helped expand my knowledge base right away. I hope to be able to network with other bee keepers and create my own back yard apiary. Doug

I am a 3rd year beekeeper. 100% of my hives have survived two winters. I give total credit for that to my bee club. Without the club’s mentoring I don’t believe my bees would be alive. Anon


A bee club is a great way to get to know other beekeepers, hear about their experiences, share personal celebration and struggles in beekeeping, and get advice from folks with more experience. Our bee club has had some informative speakers, and it’s just a great group of people to get together with. If you’re passionate about service, you can also find ways to educate the community through your bee club. Bryan

I am a gardener and aware of the struggles the honeybees and other pollinators are experiencing. I started at the library, reading/watching every beekeeping resource they offered. But reading is not doing. I needed to be able to locate/talk with other beekeepers and actually be around bees. The 2016 meetings have been great from my perspective. The club leaders are all very experienced and have tremendous knowledge, which they willingly share. Outside speakers have provided useful information and, through the club, I have been introduced to beekeeping tips/resources that would have taken me far longer to find on my own. Because my bees did not survive their first winter, I was discouraged. Being part of the club helped me regain my confidence and enthusiasm. This year the club is bringing members several opportunities to become more involved in the beekeeping community. Now it is up to me to reach out/get more involved. Like anything else in life, you get back what you put into something. Carol

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