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First clues to search for in a hive inspection The 1-2-3 of every hive inspection 1) Is there a queen, and does the brood look all right? 2) Does the colony have enough food? 3) Does the colony have enough room? 1) The Queen The top left photo shows capped brood.  Capped brood alone does […]

The reverse split A better way to split your hives In a reverse split, the queen moves to the new hive location along with almost all of the nurse bees.  The foragers will remain in the parent, at the original location.  Many beekeepers currently are doing 50/50 splits, which of course only stay 50/50 if […]

I must admit, I have a terrible weakness as a beekeeper. I can never give up. I see my girls trying their best to overcome some hurdle, and I want to help. After all, they haven’t given up.But, aside from ridiculous empathy for my bees, why put time and effort into a (usually) losing battle?  […]

Several people in my club have asked this question recently…”shouldn’t I wait to use the oxalic acid vaporizer until it is colder?” I wanted to vaporize while it was warmer, and this is a good chance to learn to think about bees.  Here are the facts we know, and some questions: The bees started making […]

Winter is the perfect time to learn about our bees, and the perfect time to set goals for ourselves and our beekeeping. The CSBA Master Beekeeper Certification Program is gearing up for a busy and educational summer. I am meeting this week with our web guy (have you seen our new web page?) about getting […]

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