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Pesticide Databases

Bees are in trouble as are many of our pollinators. Please do not use chemical control unless you have exhausted all other alternatives. If you feel you must use an insecticide, please refer to the data bases below for information on honey bee toxicity and use the least harmful product available. Remember to READ THE LABEL! Do not apply any insecticide to a blooming plant. Apply pesticides in the early morning or early evening-with evening being preferable-to ensure the product dries completely before a pollinator may come in contact with it.

CDMS–The easiest place to find MSDS and labels.
PAN Pesticide Database
National Pesticide Information Center
Beyond Pesticides
Pesticide Watch
How to Reduce Bee Poisonings from Pesticides (Manual)
National Pesticide Use Maps (by Pesticide)

Swarm Hotline



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