Winter Meeting 2012

The Bee Informed Partnership    PDF     PPT    MP3

- Dennis VanEngelsdorp,  winter meeting 2012

The Beekeeper Feud   PDF    PPT   MP3

- Dennis VanEngelsdorp,  winter meeting 2012

Why We Need a Honey Standard    PDF    PPT     MP3

- Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH,  winter meeting 2012

Won’t You Bee My Neighbor?   PDF   MP3     Q&A-MP3

- Noe Marymor, Private Lands Biologist,  winter meeting 2012

State of the State 2012    PDF    PPT     MP3

- Beth Conrey,  winter meeting 2012

Master Beekeeping class in Colorado   PDF    PPT     MP3

- Carolina Nyarady  & Bob Shiflet,  winter meeting 2012
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