CSBA Summer Bee College 2014

The CSBA Summer Bee College will be held at Paul and Nanci Limbach’s beautiful property in Silt, CO on Saturday, June 14th from 9-6.  Registration opens at 8:15.  An optional Habitat Hero garden tour will commence at 6:00 pm and the Beekeepers Ball begins at 8:00 pm.  Last year, there were too many attendees to comfortably fit into the meeting room so we have expanded to Paul’s warehouse and have bought a better projector and speaker system for the event.  If you stood in the back last year, I promise you a seat in the front this year!

Some of you may be asking, “Why the name change?”  Legitimate question.  It is because I noticed that the Wyoming Bee College held in March had significant interest from COLORADO beekeepers–and the Summer Meeting is essentially the same thing!  This meeting offers lectures and hands-on demonstrations on all things bee and beekeeping in a gorgeous river setting with delicious food and excellent camaraderie.  If you have never attended, I encourage you to do so.

Featured speaker is Dr. Jim Tew.  Jim has been in the bee “bidness” for a LONG TIME!  I remember seeing videos on beekeeping narrated by Jim–on VCR!  Lots of information and links can be found here.

Of course, Jim may be the main attraction, but he is not the only attraction.  He will be joined by the American Honey Queen, Susannah Austin; Pollination Planet founder, Gretchen Heine; BCBA President, Miles McGaughey; and Don Studinski, owner of Honeybee Keep.  A complete agenda can be found here.

The Holiday Inn Express in Silt is offering a special beekeepers rate for the event.  Here is a link to the hotel property but you need to CALL to get the special rate of $80 for a standard, 2 queen room.  Discounts are also available for upgraded rooms.  970-876-5100.

Don’t ask me why we have never offered an Early Bee Discount to the Summer Meeting–but we haven’t.  Time for a change so this year we encourage you to pre-register with a $3 incentive.  Sounds darn near like a gallon of gas or a pretty nice cup of coffee to me!  Should help ensure we have enough food for everyone at lunch, also.  A link to the pre-registration form can be found here or pre-register using Paypal at the bottom of the page to register.

I look forward to another full house and hope to see you there on June 14th.  See full Schedule.

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Beekeeper Ball: SOLD OUT!

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