My front hallway is filling up with give-aways for the Winter Meeting--it must be getting close.  Yesterday, the beautiful BIG MONEY HONEY contest award plaque arrived.  It is just as nice as always.  Check it out here.  Maybe the lucky winner will be you--but only if you enter your honey!

CSBA Winter Meeting Early Bee deadline coming up soon!

Pre-registrations are coming along nicely for the CSBA Winter Meeting and I thank you for that.  If you have not yet pre-registered, the EARLY BEE discount will be ending on October 29!  The meeting is already reasonable--a mere $20 including lunch--so take advantage of the discount and save $3.  Are you a vegetarian?  Gluten-free?  Lunch will accommodate your dietary needs as it is a Mexican buffet.  Here are all the details!

The Colorado State Beekeepers Association Winter Meeting will be held at Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 from 8 am to 5 pm.  The Fairgrounds are located just east of I-25 off Exit 181. 

On Friday evening from 5:00-9:00 pm, we will have setup and BIG MONEY HONEY contest check-in to make it easier on those of you who are coming from out of town as well as for our vendors.  From 7-9, we will host a "Meet and Greet".  Come on by and say hi to our featured speaker, Keith Delaplane, and enjoy some mead and learn some tips and techniques from our mead judge, Jason Goldman.  

The Comfort Suites in Castle Rock will be offering discounted rooms once again.  Please call them at 303-814-9999 to reserve your room at the discounted rate of $79 per night.  This rate is only available until October 31st so act now.

The featured speaker on Saturday is Keith Delaplane.  You should know Keith from reading Bee Culture magazine as he writes a monthly column in it.  Keith is giving 2 talks--one more for beginners and one more for intermediate/advanced.  Click here for a bio and talk descriptions.   

While Keith is the “Main Event”, he is not the only event.  This year, we are integrating some hands-on sessions on how to make value-added items with your excess honey and beeswax.  Check out the complete schedule!

The meeting will also feature the BIG MONEY HONEY contest.  The top honey entry winner will take away a prize package worth $300, a beautiful hand carved wooden plaque and the traveling trophy with their engraved nameplate.  Click here for the honey judging standards--some light reading.  Click here for the BIG MONEY HONEY contest entry form. 

The CSBA would like to invite ALL Colorado beekeepers to the meeting.  Take advantage of discounted pre-registration fees by returning the pre-registration form by October 29th or register online here.

I hope to see you there!

Election of Officers and Advisors at the Winter Meeting

Arghhhhh--just what you need--one more election this season!  Elections will be held at the CSBA Winter Meeting.  All positions are up for election at this time.  There are 4 officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as 3 advisory positions open.  A description of the positions can be found in my previous newsletters all of which are available here.  All terms are for 2 years.  There has been some interest expressed in some of the positions but I would say it is lethargic at best.  

Folks, this is your organization and if you want it to work properly for you, then you need to exercise your voting rights as well as consider volunteering to guide the organization forward.  Michele Colopy has written a series of articles in Bee Culture this past year on Bee Club managment and organization that are well worth the read.  All of the articles may be accessed here.  This is an important election as I am not re-running for president.  The president is who charts the course of the organization.  If you like which way it is going, please vote and volunteer!  If you do NOT like the direction the CSBA is going, then please vote and volunteer!  You are the solution.  

Confirmed American Foulbrood in CO

I have just received a report that 2 out of 2 hive samples sent to the USDA Beltsville Lab returned positive for American Foulbrood.  This is not the first time this year that AFB has been confirmed and reported and I find it quite worrisome.  These samples were from the Denver and Boulder areas.  American Foulbrood is a highly contagious and fatal disease of honey bees.  Here is a link to UGA's (our featured speaker, Keith Delaplane's university) webpage with a description of the disease.  

Please ensure that you know the symptoms of this disease.  Understand how it is transmitted and spread.  There is only one recommended treatment--the burning of the colony.  Do you think you might have AFB in your hive?  Send a sample to the Beltsville Lab yourself.  Instructions may be found here.  In addition, BYU in Utah is offering free shipping and analysis of AFB samples.  Contact Brett Schilling at for further instructions.

American Foulbrood is the reason Apiary Inspectors came into existence in this country.  But, here in Colorado, we do not have one.  Perhaps it is time to reconsider this.  

Veterinary Feed Directive Correction

ABF President Gene Brandi pointed out the following to us: “The August 29 Catch the Buzz contains a gross error about the new FDA regulations pertaining to antibiotics for use in bee hives.  The following statement from the article is not correct: "(As we understand this, antibiotic use for minor species, including honey bees, will remain unchanged, so that beekeepers needing to purchase antibiotics may continue to do so without a vets prescription.)" We had a teleconference with FDA a couple of weeks ago which reaffirmed what we have been told for many months, that beekeepers will definitely need to obtain a veterinarian's prescription in order to purchase antibiotics when the new rule goes into effect.”

In Memorium

Don Shriver, the former "pedestrian president" of High Land Beekeeping Club passed away earlier this month of complications from a heart transplant.  Don is the man who found the CSBA the Douglas County Fairgrounds and provided us with non-stop assistance while in office with High Land.  I will miss him.

Of Interest

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