We love honey bees.  But we sure do not like them in our homes!  The Colorado State Beekeepers Association offers honeybee rescue services by insured contractors.

Why should you have your bees removed by a beekeeper?  First, if you simply spray your bees, you leave all of the supporting hive structure in place.  This is composed of beeswax, honey, pollen, larva and bees.  Honey is the single finest source of carbohydrates in the animal world.  You have now left it unprotected by bees.  You essentially trade one insect for a whole host of others seeking this nutrition.  Be prepared for these insects and animals to begin seeking this nutrition source.  It is, therefore, important to remove the bees AND their residence.  Secondly, the larva will die and the uncured nectar will begin to ferment causing issues with both odor and mold.  Finally, the honey will be ruined.  So–we encourage you to “do it right the first time”.  Call a professional hive remover. (They will be happy to give you some honey!)

Take a look at the following list to find an authorized contractor in your area.  Be prepared to pay for this service.  The removal of a honey bee hive is a complex and time-consuming process and is not performed for free.  They are listed alphabetically by community.


Frank Holland  Frank the Bee Guy  303-829-5409   hollandcarpentryinc@comcast.net

Guy Shingleton  303-898-1267     guysemail@aol.com

Oliver Stanton  303-570-1942  coloradohoneybees@gmail.com

Don Studinski     303-248-6677     dstudin@yahoo.com

Fort Collins:

Bruce Brown and Alan Epperson     Bruce Cell:  970-231-7347     Alan Cell:  970-290-7010

Carl and Deedee Hosler     Deedee Cell:  970-218-0279  dd.hosler@gmail.com


David Izaguirre     970-324-0092     izzyshoney1@yahoo.com

John Russell     970-302-3947     trinity.bees@comcast.net


Chad Street     303-669-9520     chadjstreet@msn.com

(Chad is a certified arborist as well as a beekeeper. He specializes in tree removals and will travel all over the Front Range.)


Matt Kroger     970-412-0981     ashtreeapiary@comcast.net

If you do not see anyone listed never you, please call the swarm hotline 1-844-779-2337. 

A recent structural removal:

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