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May 1, 2014 Beth Conrey blog


For those of us in the flood zone, wind is not our friend.  The silt brought in by the flood is lifted and blown into a dust storm which permeates all gaps and coats the entire house with a fine coating.  Moisture turns it into brown mud.  The gift that keeps on giving…

Spring is springing and swarm season has begun.  Swarm season appears to be “on pattern” and I would expect the season to go into full swing by the week of the 13th.  For those of you who are on swarm catching lists, good luck and bee ready!

Pats on the Back

My annual kudos go to all the folks engaged in package bees from production to transportation to distribution. It is quite the job and all of them need to be given a solid round of applause for their efforts.

I hope you received your packet of seeds with your package of bees and are planning on planting them this spring for food for your girls!  Thank you to our sponsor, BBB Seed, for subsidizing the packets and to the package distributors for their financial assistance, too.

Another pat on the back goes to Forrest and Billie Cramer, newbees and NCBA members, who discovered that Wellington did not allow beekeeping (which was even news to me!) and then proceeded to get that law removed from the books and restrictions put into place.  Congratulations on your citizen action and your terrific results! THANK YOU!

At present, there is interest from Commerce City, Broomfield, Westminster and Brighton for beekeeping discussions.  Do you live in any of these communities?  If so, then please contact me and I will put you in touch with like-minded folk to get these bee bans off the books.

CSBA Summer Bee College 2014

The CSBA Summer Bee College will be held at Paul and Nanci Limbach’s beautiful property in Silt, CO on Saturday, June 14th from 9-6.  Registration opens at 8:15.  An optional Habitat Hero garden tour will commence at 6:00 pm and the Beekeepers Ball begins at 8:00 pm.  Last year, there were too many attendees to comfortably fit into the meeting room so we have expanded to Paul’s warehouse and have bought a better projector and speaker system for the event.  If you stood in the back last year, I promise you a seat in the front this year!

Some of you may be asking, “Why the name change?”  Legitimate question.  It is because I noticed that the Wyoming Bee College held in March had significant interest from COLORADO beekeepers–and the Summer Meeting is essentially the same thing!  This meeting offers lectures and hands-on demonstrations on all things bee and beekeeping in a gorgeous river setting with good food and terrific camaraderie.  If you have never attended, I encourage you to do so.

Featured speaker is Dr. Jim Tew.  Jim has been in the bee “bidness” for a LONG TIME!  I remember seeing videos on beekeeping narrated by Jim–on VCR!  Lots of information and links can be found here.

Of course, Jim may be the main attraction, but he is not the only attraction.  He will be joined by the American Honey Queen, Susannah Austin; Pollination Planet founder Gretchen Heine; BCBA President, Miles McGaughey; and Don Studinski, owner of Honeybee Keep.  A complete agenda can be found here.

Kris Holthaus and crew with the Colorado Queen Honey Bee Testing project will be on hand distributing the first round of virgin queens to anyone interested in testing a locally reared and bred Colorado queen.  Interested in the project–and, perhaps, a queen or three?  You will not be the only one so do not dally! Click here to sign up to participate.

The Holiday Inn Express in Silt is offering a special beekeepers rate for the event.  Here is a link to the hotel property but you need to CALL to get the special rate of $85 for a standard, 2 queen room.  Discounts are also available for upgraded rooms.  970-876-5100.

Don’t ask me why we have never offered an Early Bee Discount to the Summer Bee College–but we haven’t.  Time for a change so this year we encourage you to pre-register with a $3 incentive.  Sounds darn near like a gallon of gas or a pretty nice cup of coffee to me!  Should help ensure we have enough food for everyone at lunch, also.

All of the information on the CSBA Summer Bee College, including the agenda, speaker information, pre-registration form and maps can be found on the CSBA Summer Bee College 2014 page.

Beekeepers Ball information to follow.

I look forward to another full house and hope to see you there on June 14th!

American Honey Queen Visit

The American Honey Queen, Susannah Austin, will be in town for the Summer Bee College.  She will be flying in the week before and will be available for education and outreach events all week long from June 10th to the 13th.  A photo and a press release may be found here.  In addition, the release has been sent to our regular media distribution outlets.  I met Susannah briefly at the ABF conference and she’s got SPUNK! Please take advantage of this once a year opportunity to have the Honey Queen help you in your education and outreach efforts.  She is comfortable speaking with the media, civic groups, schools and your beekeeping association. To book Susannah, contact her hostess, Theresa Dorsey, at 720-472-1697.

WAS Conference

As you should know by now,  the WAS conference will be held in Colorado next year.  I am no expert on conferences and conference planning and I NEED SOME HELP!  There are some people with some experience that are willing to help organize the process, but there needs to be more hands on deck.  We need one member of each participating organization to step up to the plate to organize your association’s efforts to get this event off the ground.  Please volunteer to assist by emailing me at president@coloradobeekeepers.org or 970-213-3099.  Thank you.

Colorado State Fair

The Colorado State Fair will be held in August and the CSBA will be participating for the first time ever!  This, too, cannot be done without extra help.  Please contact Tony Fronczek 970-231-3225.  He is coordinating the fair efforts and will gladly take some additional assistance.

Of Interest

Did anyone listen to the Marla Spivak webinar?   I would really like some feedback on it.

Did anyone notice CO beekeeper, Paul Darrah’s artwork in the ABJ this month?  I liked it and had no idea he was an artist!

ABF E-Buzz April 2014

Thank you for being a member.

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