High Country Bee, 5th ed., Vol. 8, August, 2016


I cannot believe that August is here already. Seems as though we were just catching swarms! My girls are on a major honey flow and I am stacking like the devil. It is good to see my bees looking good. I have not had a good year since the flood--2013. I'll take it! LOTS of information in this newsletter. In fact, probably a bit too much but there's a lot going on and I will do my best to keep you informed without being too wordy.

It is Fair season! Your club and your Fair need YOU to help on this outreach effort--oftentimes the biggest effort of the year! Details on the Colorado State Fair below. Anyone needing brochures, stickers or honey sticks, let me know how many you need as well as where to send them and I will get them heading your way.

Summer Meeting--3 final details

1. The winner of the Photo Contest was Lazarus Fields:

Photo Contest Winner: Lazarus Fields

2. I have someone's reading glasses and a bee glove that I will be delighted to return to their proper owners. If either are yours, please let me know your mailing address and I'll get them to you.

3. Vera's presentation has been posted to the CSBA website.

Good Food Awards

July 31 is the final day to enter your honey into the Good Food Awards. (That is SUNDAY!) I won last year with a collaborative project with Happy Heart Farm CSA in Fort Collins, our rose infused "Honey from the Heart". I am going to enter again this year as it was so much fun. Here's the link! Do it! You will not regret it.

Reed Johnson

Lucky us! Dr. Reed Johnson will be in town to speak for the Master Beekeeper--Journeyperson class as well as to deliver a talk regarding his research on the interaction of miticide, fungicide and antibiotics within the hive and Brood Mapper-his citizen science project. The talk will be held at the Longmont YMCA on Friday, August 12 at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6. All information on the facility to be found here. CSBA members suggested donation of $5. General public $10.

Colorado State Fair

The 2016 Colorado State Fair runs August 26-September 5. Each year, nearly 500,000 people attend the Colorado State Fair. It’s Colorado’s largest showcase for agriculture and a prime opportunity for us to reach out to a large population.

The Colorado Department of Agricultural strives to provide a fun and interactive atmosphere to help educate the public on the important role agriculture plays in their lives via booths and displays set up in the “Agriculture Pavilion” … please note this is NOT the same building as the “Agriculture Palace”! Once again, beekeepers of Colorado have the opportunity to have a beekeeping booth in the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s “Agriculture Pavilion”.

This year the “Agriculture Pavilion” will include additional sitting areas, a place to recharge cell phones, and a “Farmer-For-A-Day” activity for kids.

Colorado Beekeeping booth needs to be family-oriented and educational … ideally with educational activities. The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association has numerous educational posters that can be used in the display. We need other beekeepers to provide beekeeping equipment to put in the display.

If a beekeeper has an observation hive to display at the Fair that would be fantastic! It would be great if the beekeeping booth can be an “interactive display” … as “hands-on” experiences make the greatest impact on visitors. CSBA will provide brochures and stickers. Beekeepers can provide other items for giveaways, and can sell their products as well!

Ronda Koski is coordinating the booth set up on August 25 beginning at 9:00 am and the booth take down on September 6.

The Agricultural Pavilion will be open daily during the Fair from 10 am-9 pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day and noon-9 pm Monday-Thursday. Beekeepers from throughout Colorado can assist with the booth anytime during the Fair during the hours when the Agricultural Pavilion is open.

Beekeepers can be hobbyist, small-scale commercial, or large-scale commercial … we just need enthusiastic beekeepers to share information about beekeeping with the public!

The Colorado Department of Agriculture and FFA will provide staffing throughout the building and maintain your booth by restocking brochures, etc.

As the weekends are when there is the greatest attendance at the Fair it would be fantastic to have beekeepers attending the booth on the following dates:

Friday, August 26 – 3pm to 9 pm

Saturday, August 27 - 10 am-9 pm

Sunday, August 28 - 10 am-9 pm

Friday, September 2 – 3pm to 9 pm

Saturday, September 3 - 10 am-9 pm

Sunday, September 4 - 10 am-9 pm

Monday, September 5 - 10 am-9 pm <<< Labor Day

Please contact Ronda Koski at Ronda.Koski@ColoState.EDU. Thanks for helping!

Citizen Science Help Needed on Martin Project--Deformed Wing Virus

Dr. Stephen Martin and collaborators recently discovered that it appears that an avirulent form of DWV may outcompete the virulent form in some apiaries, thus conferring to those bees resistance to the harmful effects of this virus. He has recently received funding from Project Apis-m to analyze samples of bees from the U.S. for the presence of the avirulent form. What we are particularly interested in are samples from apiaries or feral colonies that have survived without treatment for varroa for several years (especially those in which the brood looks healthy despite the mites). If you have access to such hives and are willing to collect samples later this summer, please email randy@randyoliver.com for details, with the words “Martin project” in the subject line.

Randy Oliver
Grass Valley, CA

Message from ECDYSIS Foundation--Calling all farmers!

This came in on the AHPA newsletter. Lots of good stuff in the last newsletter, actually. Thanks! https://www.ahpanet.com


The only way to reverse declining bee populations is to reform how farms are managed. Monoculture farming operations reduce bee forage and increase exposure to harmful pesticides. A regenerative model of agriculture will promote biodiversity and soil health, while making farmers more profitable. The goal of Ecdysis Foundation and the Blue Dasher Farm Initiative is to promote regenerative farming, with particular emphasis on bee conservation. We are trying to connect with large-scale (more than 50 acres) conventional producers and develop strategies for changing the future of their farms for the benefit of both pollinators and the farmer’s pocketbooks.

An integral part of what we do at ECDYSIS Foundation is focused on pollinator health and habitat. How do we conserve bees on working agricultural land? The principles that we use to improve honeybee habitat on farms is specially tailored to each farmer’s situation (soil type, climate, location, personal goals, etc.). However, there are a few central themes:

  • Replace costly synthetic chemical use with natural biological control.
  • Reduce or eliminate tillage and other soil disturbances.
  • Diversify plant community through use of cover crops, pollinator strips and an expanded crop rotations.

We are looking for farmers and beekeepers that would consider partnering with us at ECDYSIS Foundation to change the way we treat land while producing food profitably. The best way to promote bee friendly, regenerative farms is to work directly with farmers. Using the expertise of our skilled agroecologists we will work closely with land managers to synthesize detailed plans of action on a field by field basis, meeting farmer’s goals and pursuing conservation. These action plans will be used as guidelines, assisting land stewards toward constructing a healthy farmscape capable of sustaining abundant life, with a particular emphasis on honeybees.

We have the skills, we have the drive, we have a plan, but we need the land. If you are interested in preserving pollinator habitat, building diversity, and farming intelligently then please help us recruit farmers for this program.

Many thanks,

Michael Bredeson, MSc

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, PhD

ECDYSIS Foundation

46958 188th Street

Estelline, SD, 57234

Cell: 605-695-9878





CSBA Winter Meeting featuring Dr. Keith Delaplane

Hard to believe I am going to issue a newsletter that has Summer Bee College info AND Winter Bee Meeting info together. But--I can feel that my third and final term is nearing an end and I am wanting to get things done. So--without further adieu, the CSBA is pleased to present Dr. Keith Delaplane for the CSBA Winter Meeting at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock, CO on November 5, 2016. Please plan on attending what is sure to be a well-spent day with fabulous speakers, food and social time aplenty and the BIG MONEY HONEY CONTEST. Lots of details in the next couple of newsletters.

Officer/Advisor Elections

Elections will also be held during this year's meeting. Nearly all Officer and Advisor positions are available. The success of this, and every volunteer organization, is volunteers! The CSBA has one paying position, webmaster; all of the rest of the organization's efforts are the result of volunteer time and energy. Kudos to those of you who help! Look at what we've accomplished in the past 6 years! I will be posting responsibilities of the positions in each of the upcoming newsletters before the meeting. Please look at them and see where you can help. Here are the job descriptions for the Advisors and the Treasurer. Please contact me if you are interested in running or need further details.

Advisors—The Advisors are part of the Executive Committee and serve to advise the Officers and guide the CSBA. The Executive Committee meets semi-annually, generally in the Denver area, but has been utilizing free conference calls to conduct most business. Advisors need to have email and be proficient in its use and are required to participate in the conference calls. Estimated time to perform this function is 10 hours annually.

Treasurer—The Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the CSBA. The Treasurer is responsible for the CSBA checkbook, timely financial reports, and IRS/Colorado tax filings. Financial reports include quarterly and annual profit and loss statements and profit and loss statements for the semi-annual meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for notifying the Secretary of membership renewal notices and collecting dues. The Treasurer is further responsible for the annual budget and the timely paying of all bills accumulated by the organization. In accordance with the rules regarding 501c3 non-profit associations, the Treasurer is responsible for properly recording all charitable donations and providing acknowledgement of those donations to the donor. The Treasurer needs to be proficient in the use of Excel to manage spreadsheets including the management of multiple sheets and formulas. QuickBooks knowledge would be a plus. The Treasurer needs to have email and be proficient in its use and is required to participate in the conference calls. Estimated time to perform these functions varies throughout the year but is expected to take approximately 4 hours per month.

For Sale/Wanted

Perfect timing!

Line Extractor for Sale-Cowen Manufacturing

20+ years old-Works great

New Knives and water heater

Serial # 75039

Uncap 60 frames per hour

includes extractor, cappings separator


Jim Hall 970-290-2822 2hallway@comcast.net Loveland,Colorado

Bee Squared Apiaries is seeking alfalfa/wildflower honey. If you have any to sell, please contact me at 970-213-3099.

Of Interest

Neonicotinoid contaminated pollinator strips adjacent to cropland reduce honey bee nutritional status--more fuel for the fire.

Well done short video: What's happening with the bees?

From Laura Tyler, Backyard Bees, and others: Why is the EpiPen so expensive?

Well-written article on our own celebri-bee, Larry Gilliland: HIve Mind

Pollinator Recovery Act of 2016--Need to make sure that Sen. Gardner and Sen. Bennet both on board when it gets introduced.

As always, thank you for being a member!

Beth Conrey