High Country Bee, 5th ed., Vol. 9, September, 2016

All--They do not call it Labor Day for nothing when it comes to the bee business!  Around here, Labor Day is non-stop labor!  All of our supers are in, honey production has begun and buckets are beginning to stack in the warm room.  In addition, the annual Honey Party was thrown to inaugurate the new production facility.  As I write this, I can hear the radio going from outside.  Yep, outside.  The bear has been busy in my used equipment stacks that house the wild hives and has succeeded in knocking over both of them.  One is so large that she cannot be moved.  I tried nail boards--but no luck.  Now there are nail boards, lights and noise.  That appears to be working.  Need plans for a bear fence for your hives?  Go to the CSBA website.  

There is a hint of fall in the air and I am looking forward to it.  It is my favorite season.

Western Apicultural Society Conference

will be held in Hawaii on October 13-15, 2016.  Haven't you always wanted to go to Hawaii?  If you've been, don't you want to go back?  Well--go to Hawaii and deduct it as a business expense by getting yourself educated in the process.  The conference will be held at the beautiful Ala Moana resort.  I am not sure if I will be able to attend this year but I am extremely interested in having the information received at the conference dispersed amongst our members.  Therefore, the CSBA is offering a $500 scholarship towards the conference expenses in exchange for speaking to any/all of the Regional Associations that would be interested this upcoming year.  You must commit to attending the entire conference, putting together a one hour presentation, and presenting it around the state.  If you are interested in this incredible educational opportunity, please send me an email or give me a call.  All conference information may be found here.

CSBA Winter Meeting featuring Dr. Keith Delaplane

The CSBA Winter Meeting is approaching quickly, too!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  It will be held on November 4 and 5 at Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock.  Adequate space, great parking, easy freeway access are all integral to our selection of this venue year after year.  This year's featured speaker will be Dr. Keith Delaplane.  Please plan on attending what is sure to be a well-spent day with fabulous speakers, food and social time aplenty and the BIG MONEY HONEY CONTEST.  

The building will be open on Friday evening, November 4 for vendor setup, honey contest entry submissions and a Meet and Greet with our featured speaker.  Meads will be served and our resident mead judge, Jason Goldman, will be on hand to teach you how to judge mead (surprise!).  

I am running just a bit behind on the schedule posting and PayPal.  All details will be available here soon.  

The Comfort Suites in Castle Rock has once again offered us $79 + tax suites for both Friday, 11/4 and Saturday, 11/5.   Simply call them at 303-814-9999 to reserve your suite today!

Officer/Advisor Elections

As you know, election season is upon us on a national scale as well as on the CSBA scale.  The CSBA is seeking volunteers for all of our Officer and Advisor positions.  Last month, I posted the job responsibilities of the Advisors and the Treasurer.  My phone and email were overwhelmed with people stepping up to the plate to serve the greater beekeeping community.  Just kidding!  I wish!  

Folks--organizations need people to help in order to make them functional.  Do you like the direction the CSBA is heading? Then help maintain the course.  Do you dislike the way the CSBA is heading?  Then step up to chart a new direction.  The CSBA needs YOUR help!  Please consider volunteering to be an Officer or an Advisor.  Here are the job responsibilities for the Vice-President and the Secretary.  Again, please contact me if you are interested in throwing your hat in the ring. 

Vice-President—The Vice-President’s primary responsibility is the coordination and successful execution of the Summer Meeting.  Ideally, the Vice-President would be a commercial beekeeper and represent this segment’s interest on the Executive Committee.  The Vice-President needs to have email and be proficient in its use and is required to participate in the conference calls/Executive meetings.  Estimated time to perform these functions varies throughout the year but is expected to take 20 hours in the month preceding the Summer Meeting.

Secretary—The Secretary’s primary responsibility is the maintenance of the membership records.  The Secretary also mails the monthly newsletter, annual renewal notices and meeting information to all of those members who lack email. The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the semi-annual meetings and the conference calls.  The Secretary is responsible for all of the official correspondence of the Association including thank you notes, membership and vendor renewal notices.  Meeting notices and other updates regarding the Association need to be submitted to Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal as well.  The Secretary needs to have email and be proficient in its use and is required to participate in the conference calls/Executive meetings.  Estimated time to perform these functions varies throughout the year but is expected to take approximately 4 hours per month.

Reed Johnson

Reed Johnson was in from Ohio State University to speak to the Master Beekeeper class in August.  He also made the time to make a public speaking appearance in Longmont.  One of our out-of-town members who could not make that meeting asked if it could be recorded.  Another wish...BUT, Reed said that the talk was on the OSU website.  So--Here's the link to the OSU website of archived recordings.  There is plenty to listen to besides Reed that will make a snowy winter day go by quickly!  (Check out the upcoming Varroa Mite Resistance in Honey Bees on October 19!).  Thank you to Miles McGaughey, BCBA president, for arranging the venue for the CSBA and to Dr. Carolina Nyarady for getting Reed to speak here in the first place.  An interesting, smart and personable man if ever there was one!

Colorado State Fair/County Fairs

Fair season has come to an end for 2016.  Our presence at the Colorado State Fair is entirely due to Ronda Koski's (NCBA) efforts and a sincere thank you to Ronda for her help in its organization--this year and for the past 2 years.  Thanks also goes to the many volunteers from both Spanish Peaks and Pueblo Bee Clubs for manning the booth throughout the Fair's 2 week run:  Ronda Koski, Janet Fink, Ross and Eva Knittel, Ray Peck, Jerry and Sandra Collins, Scott Stevenson and Apple Gibson.  We couldn't do it without you.

Did you participate in your County Fair this year?  Did you win?  Let us know!  I'll post it in my next newsletter. I won the Larimer County Fair Reserve Grand Champion for my alfalfa honey and first prize for my collaborative effort with Happy Heart Farm CSA with my Good Food Award winning "Rose Honey from the Heart".  I want to tell you that winning the $2 for the first place makes me feel just as good now as it did when I was 8!  Thanks so much to NCBA for putting $25 behind the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon.  Your Club should consider sponsoring a prize in the Honey Category to encourage competition.  Do it for yourself--enter your honey next year if you did not this year.  It is fun AND rewarding (and will get you warmed up for the BIG MONEY HONEY contest at the CSBA Winter Meeting)!

Veterinary Feed Directive--UPDATE!

A few months back I wrote about the Veterinary Feed Directive and its potential to adversely impact beekeepers.  It looks like the national associations have succeeded in accomplishing their goal of exempting honey bees from the VFD.  Congratulations to both the ABF and the AHPA for their efforts on this front. (and thanks to Eric Smith for sending me the article.) 

For Sale

Amita Welles has some top bar hives and a Warre hive for sale.  I have a brand new top bar and a brand new warre hive. I bought them last year and had to move suddenly and cancel my bee order etc. I have been out of the country since and they need to be used. They are the higher end with copper roofs, over $900 new. I would like to get $700 as this is such a good deal. I will throw in my new swarm trap and I have 2 other top bar hives, 1 used and another new. They need to be used as I said so very very good deal for someone. Heart wrenching but am looking to go back to Europe so I will hopefully be able to bee keep there! She can be reached at amita@rideswithfire.com.

Of Interest

Interesting article:  https://badbeekeepingblog.com/2016/09/04/climb-every-mountain-raise-every-dollar/

Summit County is now BEE-having! (Chapter 3, Page 103.)

Varroa Mite--A Community Problem—I’ve always wondered why we cannot, as a beekeeping community, learn some behavior of value from our bees.


Pollinator Partnership Action Plan

Government Accounting Office (GAO): USDA and EPA should take additonal actions to address threats to bee populations

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Thank you for being a member.
Beth Conrey