High Country Bee, 5th ed., Vol. 10, October, 2016

Finally!  A change in the weather!  I have been hustling trying to get mite treatments completed, bee food stores checked (and bees fed, if needed) and general winter preparations done myself.  I remember the good ol' days when the season essentially ended with the honey harvest.  No more!  

The CSBA Winter Meeting will take place one month from today.  Better get pre-registered and get your room booked!  

CSBA Winter Meeting Right around the Corner!

When:  Friday, November 4 from 5pm-7pm is vendor setup and BIG MONEY HONEY contest check-in..  From 7pm-9pm there will be a mead tasting/judging and Meet and Greet with our featured speaker, Keith Delaplane.  The Winter Meeting will be Saturday, November 5 from 9-5.  Pre-registration and BIG MONEY HONEY contest check-in opens at 8.  Full schedule available here.

Where:  Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castle Rock  The Douglas County Fairgrounds are located right off of the I-25 and Exit 181.  The meeting has been held at this facility for the past 3 years (with the exception of the WAS conference).  Why?  First, the CSBA both geographically and demographically represents the beekeepers of this fine state.  That being said, the majority of our membership resides along the Front Range so we need a facility that meets the needs of these members.  Those fortunate enough to live off of the Front Range will find the Douglas County Fairgrounds site to be easy access with great parking, spacious rooms for exhibitors as well as attendees and with a full kitchen for our on-site hot lunch.  Discounted lodging is available at the Comfort Suites in Castle Rock.  Please call them at 303-814-9999 to reserve your room at the discounted rate of $79 per night.  This rate is only available until October 31st so act now!

Who:  Keith Delaplane will be our featured speaker.  Keith hails from the University of Georgia and will be delivering 2 talks at the meeting.  A bio and talk description is available here.  

What:  This year, we are going to try something a little different and have some hands-on sessions on value-added products from your hive to keep you busy and profitable throughout the winter season!  There will be 4 classes:  How to make creamed honey; how to clean beeswax; beeswax candles; and how to make potions, lotions and creams. I am still in need of a couple of instructors for the creamed honey and the candle sections!  Do you make creamed honey?  Do you roll, dip or mold beeswax candles?  I need your help!!!! You don't need to give away your trade secrets, you just need to show people how it is done.  What's in it for you?  A hotel room (if you need/want one), complimentary admission to the Winter Meeting and free lunch (yes, there is such a thing).  Please let me know post haste if you are interested in helping.

What else:  The BIG MONEY HONEY contest is back!  Last year's WAS conference forced a break in our BIG MONEY HONEY contest but it is back this year.  This is a great opportunity for you to practice preparing your honey for a show.  The first place winner will receive a prize package worth $300, the second $200 and the third $100.  In addition, the first place winner will have the traveling trophy for a year and will receive this stunning plaque not to mention bragging rights...  Entry forms available here.  Judging guidelines here.  A big thanks in advance to our honey judges John Hartley and Nancy Stead.  This is a big job!

How much?:  All of this is available to CSBA members for a mere $20 if you pre-register between now and October 29!  Click here to pre-register now!  Have you ever wondered why our meetings are so value packed and yet so inexpensive?  Take time to thank our vendors and our sponsors at the meeting and with your purchasing dollars.  They're the reason!

I hope to see you all at my final meeting as CSBA President.  Speaking of which, elections!

Election of Officers and Advisors

Officer and Advisor elections will be held at the Winter Meeting.  Within the past few newsletters, I have provided descriptions of the various positions.  Here is the description of the presidential responsibilities.  

President—The President is responsible for the leadership of the Association.  The president is the “public face” of the Association and, as such, travels throughout the state and has frequent calls for interviews with the media.  The president lends expertise on beekeeping issues at the local, state and federal levels.  The president is responsible for the procurement of grants and other charitable donations to the Association.  The president is responsible for the monthly newsletter. The president needs to have email and be proficient in its use and is required to participate in the conference calls.  Estimated time to perform these functions varies throughout the year but is expected to take approximately 40 hours per month. This time estimate is difficult to pin down.  I spend quite a bit more time than this actually.  But--someone else may be able to make their goals with less commitment.  

We have had a few people volunteer for some of the positions and I thank those of you that have.  It would be nice to have an actual election.  We are still in need of more folks to volunteer for Officer and Advisor positions.  Please review the last few newsletters and see if there is some way you can help the Association.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and THANK YOU!

Dave Goulson / Pollinator Appreciation Month Recap

It is not often that we are fortunate enough to have a world expert in our area and it was a true pleasure to have Dave here for the Jaipur Literature Festival and for the City of Boulder's "Connecting the Dots" event (although he was both exhausted and sunburned by the time we got done with him). To Rella Abernathy, the City of Boulder the Bee Chicas and all of our other wonderful volunteers,


Of Interest

Agrichemicals and ever more intensive farming will not feed the world--Starts out great but with a weak ending, I think.

Fly Away!  Six States and FHWA will collaborate to enhance pollinator habitat along new Monarch Highway

7 Bees in Hawaii added to US Endangered Species List

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes ESA protection for the rusty patched bumble bee

All year long the ABF has been offering free memberships.  Join, and you can take advantage of this next webinar being held on Tuesday, October 11 from 6-7pm:   Establishing a Varroa Resistant Population in your Apiary.  There are two or more varroa-resistant stocks available. This webinar shows you how to establish the genes for resistance within your area so that subsequent queen matings will always be with resistant stock. 

Presenter: Dr. Roger Hoopingarner, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University  Eric Smith, you'd better be in virtual attendance!  

For Sale

Todd Wynn has 100 medium supers for sale with drawn wax foundation.  He is asking $15 for them and can be reached at 970-481-1053.

Clark Sloan has Queens for sale. $40 each or 5 or more for $35 each.  303-717-0899  He lives in the Hudson/Fort Lupton area.


I will be out of town and available by phone/email at the WAS conference on October 12-15 and out of town and available only via email the week of October 24-30.  OK--maybe I'm retiring a bit early...

It has been my sincere pleasure to serve this organization for these past 6 years.  I thank you for being a member.  

Beth Conrey