It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, or should, for me to recover from the WAS conference and I apologize for the delay in sending out this newsletter. I was a tad behind on some other fronts, too, but finally have the bees ready for the winter with feeders on the little ones and insulators on them all. It seems like the bees are thinking that the winter might be a rough one as many were propolizing the living daylights out of their hives. Let’s hope for a low loss winter. For those of us engaged in retail, it is a busy time of year! Shows and online orders consume most of my waking hours. I wish all of you a successful holiday show season, too.

This year, I entered a product that I produced in conjunction with Happy Heart Farms CSA in Fort Collins to the Good Food Awards. It is a rose-infused honey and it has made the short list! Cross your fingers and I will keep you posted! Thank you to Emily Brown of Arizona Queen Bee for the notification of the contest.

I did send out a conference recap newsletter on October 15th and you can read it here. Some of you have contacted me wondering when the CSBA Winter Meeting will be held. The WAS conference was a joint conference with CSBA and there will be no Winter Meeting this year. Those of you who were award winners last year in the Big Money Honey contest have won 2 years worth of bragging rights! Stay tuned for updates on speakers and meetings.

Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS Conference 2015

For those of you who could not, or chose not, to attend the largest educational event in the area—you missed a really good conference. From the Bee Buzz Social (and a fabulous catering job by my friends at Cured Boulder) to the Saturday evening Farm-to-Table dinner with featured speaker and gardener extraordinaire, Lauren Springer Ogden, the conference was nonstop education and engagement.

Our speaker line-up was, in a word, fabulous! All of our presenters are experts in their field and willingly shared that expertise with a large and engaged audience. The “Bee Healthy” part of the conference, with 3 medical doctors and one veterinarian speaking, was exceedingly well received.

At this time, all of the presentations that we have permission to post have been posted to the CSBA website and may be found here. In addition, click here to view the Lauren Springer plant list (that I forgot to copy for the FTT dinner). It is posted in the Plant Forage section of the website, too.

It takes a lot of folks to execute an event of this magnitude and I wish to once again convey my sincere gratitude to Leslie Ellis of CO Women Who Bee and to Josh Vaisman and Greta Olson of NCBA for their commitment and support of its success. The Millennium Harvest House staff deserves recognition, too. They did a great job of accommodating all of our guest needs—and the guest needs kept expanding!

The Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy conference was a joint conference of the CSBA and the Western Apicultural Society. At this meeting, I announced my intention to resign at the end of this term and not re-run for a 4th term next November. It has been a productive 5 years—and will be a productive 6th—but it is time to move on. My kids have moved out and my business is booming. A search committee has been formed for the purpose of seeking a replacement. If you like how far we’ve come in these past 5 years and want to continue on the same trajectory, get engaged! If you dislike the direction of the CSBA, now is the time to change that, too. Get engaged! Please contact Tina Sebestyen at to do so.

One final note is that t-shirts are FINALLY HERE. Now I need to figure out how to get them to you. Those of you who ordered bags will get a refund. Sadly, the woman who was coordinating our printing had surgery for a brain tumor immediately following the conference and we were unable to figure out how to get more bags printed as a result. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Upcoming Elections

All Officers and Advisors will be up for election/re-election in the fall of 2016. While I have served a mere 6 years, John Hartley and Paul Limbach have served far longer than that. They were here when I got here and they are still here. While they have served this organization well, I know that they would really like someone else to step up and replace them. It is time for some fresh energy and enthusiasm in the administrative team of the CSBA! Please consider running for office.

Jonathan Lundgren

For those of you who did attend the conference, you met Jonathan Lundgren. Jonathan is an entomologist from South Dakota engaged in some extraordinary work on beneficial insects and biodiversity on agricultural land. Jonathan has also generated quite a bit of controversy lately by filing a whistleblower complaint against the USDA. You can Google Jonathan and find out as much as you want on this complaint as it made headline news at the end of October. What you might not know is that Jonathan has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund his independent science project—Blue Dasher Farms. Take a look here:

Support Local

I want to put in a plug for our local vendors around the state and ask that you patronize them throughout the holidays and all year long! These people bust their butts all bee season long and then spend the “off” season readying for the “on” season. Give a boost to them this time of year and pick up gifts and supplies for your beekeeping buddies (and self).

Colorado Gives Day

Tuesday, December 8th is Colorado Gives Day. I positively LOVE Colorado Gives Day! It makes it so easy to donate to your favorite CO charities! It is sponsored by FirstBank and allows 100% of all donations to go directly to the charity—no service/processing fee. Perhaps you have wondered why you cannot donate to the CSBA through this mechanism. It is because we do not make the $25,000 minimum criteria for the event. But—you can always support the CSBA at the CSBA website. We are a 501c3 organization and your donation may be tax-deductible.

WAS Conference 2016

The 2016 Western Apicultural Society conference dates have been announced and the conference will be held in Oahu, Hawaii on October 13-15, 2016.

CSBA Website

The CSBA website got a facelift this past month and thanks goes to our webmaster Peter Bockenthien for his efforts on our behalf. While Peter does a great job, he is not a beekeeper and we could really use some help with content administration. There is no shortage of beekeeping scholarly articles and research, classes, news etc. The CSBA site needs to be kept current with this information and, frankly, I have fallen behind in this area, too. Please consider helping with website content. If you run across a broken link or an error or outdated information, please correct it! If you find something that needs to be put on the website, email me the link!

There is a new email address for calendar listings, too. is where you need to send your class offerings from now on. You must be a CSBA member organization or member to post to the calendar.

Speaking of members, we are trying to bring up a “members only” section to the website soon.

Of Interest

An elegant solution to the never-ending problem of bee locations:

AHPA Newsletter—Might just head down for the conference for a day or two myself. It is just down the road…

Sulfoxaflor Cancelled—Never should’ve been allowed in the first place!

BroodMinder—kinda neat!

USDA to invest 4 Million for honey bee food sources on private land—hopefully, clean and SAFE forage!

21 Buzzworthy Facts about bees—an interesting source.

Lots more at Pollinator Stewardship Council and ABF.

I find GREAT INFORMATION in the Colorado Proud monthly newsletter. I just noticed there is a Cottage Food Safety training being conducted this month in Golden.

As always,

Thank YOU for being a member.

Beth Conrey

CSBA President