High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 9

All–I am in the midst of honey harvest here and things look PDG–pretty darn good. After struggling with bears for a good portion of the summer, I am in a brief respite and plan to pull the most “at risk” honey today. I hope you, too, are faring well on the production front. The CSBA has Cottage Industry labels available if you need them. Holler at me.

If you have not yet tested for mites, now is the time to test and, if needed, treat. Marla Spivak (one of the Healthy Bee keynote speakers!) and Gary Reuter have a nice visual instruction sheet for conducting a powdered sugar mite roll. The Honey Bee Health Coalition recently released their “Tools for Varroa Management” guide. If you haven’t downloaded it for FREE yet, do it now right here. (Oh–and they’ll be at the conference, too.)

You have mites–don’t fool yourself into thinking that you don’t. What you need to determine is whether they have surpassed threshold levels and, if so, what you are going to do about it.

Colorado State Fair Booth

Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

Volunteers are STILL NEEDED to assist with the beekeeping booths at the following events:

Colorado State Fair
Pueblo, Colorado
Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Ag Pavilion
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Volunteers will get FREE entrance into the Fair Grounds (however you will have to pay for parking)
Dates volunteers are needed:

September 3 – Thursday
September 4 – Friday
September 5 – Saturday
September 6 – Sunday
LOTS of exciting things happening at this year’s Colorado State Fair!
Check it out at http://www.coloradostatefair.com/events

It would be really nice to have the booth staffed over the Labor Day weekend. Please contact Ronda Koski at Ronda.Koski@colostate.edu or 970-217-5286. Thank you.

Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS Conference–1 more month!

The CSBA is pleased to host the Western Apicultural Society annual conference. The conference will be held in Bee-utiful Boulder on October 1-3, 2015 at the Millennium Hotel.

The conference theme is “Putting the Bee in Boulder” and we are indeed! The first two days will be “Healthy Bee” and will focus on topics supporting bee health. The final day is “Bee Healthy” and is focused on bees and human health/interaction and will be a community celebration featuring the ABF’s “Kids and Bees” program. This is the largest educational and networking event to be held in this area! Please see the complete schedule here.

The Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS conference Early Bee registration date ended on August 31 at midnight and we have a record number of pre-registrations for the conference! Thanks to all of you who took advantage of the extra $10 off your FULL conference registration fee. For those of you who did not figure out your schedule yet, registration is still open for another month.

Did you know that you can register for single days? Yes! If you cannot make the entire conference, you can just select the days that you can attend. Single day rates are the same price as the total conference fee divided by 3. They do not allow you to take the CSBA or WAS discount nor do they include the Marla Spivak or Mark Winston lunch. (Both of those area available as separate tickets, however.) So–head on over to the Eventbrite site and sign yourself up for (part of) the conference.

Can’t make the conference? Feel free to financially support it here! It costs a lot of money to host a conference of this caliber! Remember, we are a 501c3 as is WAS.

Pre- and Post- Conference Activities

This conference is also about networking and there are several networking opportunities available. On Wednesday, September 30, the Bee Buzz Social will kick off the conference. The winning honey craft cocktail will be served and the hors d’oeuvres will be catered by Cured. This is open to all FULL conference attendees and will be at the Museum of Natural History on the CU Boulder campus.

Thursday evening brings the Next Generation Beekeepers Summit hosted by Bee Girl, Sarah Red Laird, and held at the German House at 815 Pearl Street (generously donated by BeeChica, Theresa Beck!). Beer and dessert will be served alongside music provided by beekeeper Jim Deeming–sounds like a party!

Friday night features the Banquet and Award ceremony. This will be held at the Millennium hotel.

The conference will end with the Farm-To-Table dinner organized and sponsored by the Boulder Farmers Market and held at Agora at Riverside. I just finalized the details of this lovely event yesterday and those of you lucky to have tickets, will be lucky indeed! Don’t have a ticket? Better jump fast. This is a limited seating event with only 9 seats left as of this writing. The chef has been announced and it is Kelly Whitaker of Basta fame. Miche Bacher will create our honey and edible flower dessert. Uber gardener Lauren Springer Ogden will be the keynote speaker for the evening.

Bee Safe Boulder AND Boulder County!

Yesterday, the City of Boulder became a “Bee Safe City” and announced the establishment of “Boulder Pollinator Appreciation Month” to much fanfare and hoopla! The City announcements were made yesterday evening at the Council chambers and were followed by the stunning announcement that Boulder County had adopted a similar resolution on Boulder COUNTY lands! What does it mean to become a Bee Safe City? It means that the City has pledged to not use neonicotinoid and systemic pesticides on their property. Click here for a short and well done video. Congratulations to the Bee Safe organization and all the others who made this happen at the City and to PPAN for their work with the County. I encourage you to make your community Bee Safe and get onboard with this simple program!

Boulder Pollinator Appreciation Month

We could not have selected a more supportive community for our conference! A dedicated volunteer contingent of BeeChicas (Theresa Beck, Tracy Belleheumer, Deborah Foy and Cynthia Scott) and City staff have organized a full month’s worth of activities preceding the Healthy Bee conference and starting tomorrow evening with the first of a film series on pollinators. For more information on events and happenings about town, go to BeeBoulder.org.

September is also National Honey Month and Megan Bucholz of Local Table Tours has organized honey craft cocktail tours every Thursday, too! In addition, there will be a honey craft cocktail contest and the winner will be served at the Bee Buzz Social. Details soon…Come on down and join the festivities all month long!

Package Bee Survey Results

The long-awaited results of the package bee survey are now available. Thanks to Data Collection committee chair, Nick French, for the compilation. 112 people responded to the survey. By my estimation, at least 3000 packages were delivered around the state this year–so this is a small response rate and should be remembered when interpreting the results.Raw data here. Report here.

Of Interest

Rolling Stone’s Bee Killers–featuring Jim Doan, Susan Kegley and Michele Colopy who are ALL speaking at the Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy conference!

Maureen Testa of COVA is looking for a honey vendor and speaker for their conference at the Keystone Center on October 25th through 28th. She can be reached at mtesta@broomfield.org. I have all of the application/conference information here, too, and am happy to forward it to you. I would gladly go but I have booked my post-conference trip to Mexico…

USDA NAP Program for Honey

Cornell Chronicle Some Honey Bee Colonies Adapt in Wake of Deadly Mites

New Colorado Professional Beekeepers Association Welcome to the scene!

As always, thank you for being a member.

Beth Conrey