Help The Honeybee

There are lots of things that non-beekeepers can do to support honeybees in particular, and pollinators in general.

You can Plant for Bees.

You can Reduce Pesticide Use!

Would you like to help the honeybee? Beekeepers would LOVE the public’s support! There are several major simple things that the average person can undertake that would make a difference.

Read some of these fine articles and check out these websites:

What can a Lay Person do to help the honeybee?

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Honeybee Help

10 things you can do to help bees

1. Educate yourself and your friends and neighbors on the value of honeybees to your food supply and environment.

2. Plant plants that are appreciated by pollinators (and don't spray them!). Check out our links to Pollinator Friendly plants here.

3. Reduce or eliminate your chemical use in your garden, lawn and home. Practice Integrated Pest Management.

4. Support honeybee research efforts financially. The following organizations are doing wonderful projects to preserve the future of the honeybee. This is not an exclusive list.

Haagen-Dazs Help the Honey Bee

Project Apis m.

American Beekeeping Federation

Pollinator Partnership

Honey Bee Health

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