The New Bee Barn at Harlequin’s Gardens

A Boulder County source for beekeeping supplies opened March 5 at Harlequin’s Gardens nursery, outside of Boulder. They will have Langstroth hives, hive bodies and supers, frames and foundation, both assembled and unassembled, as well as Top Bar Hives. They also carry hive tools, smokers, gloves, veils, books and many more supplies.

They will be open 9-5 Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday in March and 9-5 everyday starting in April. Go to for a map or call for directions: 303-939-9403.

Bee Vacs for Sale

Rite Corp has 2 bee vacs for sale in “like new” condition. $100  Call Mike Burns if you are interested.


Terry Dorsey has used equipment for sale

Honey super with 9 frames drawn $12.50  Going fast!

Bee Blowers -call for details and pricing
Single sump-call for details and pricing
Double sump-call for details and pricing
Bee vac-call for details and pricing
303 931 3954
Terry Dorsey

Top Bar Hives :

John Leonard in SW Colorado looking to sell some TBH hives.

30 bar with telescoping top, metal roofing, 19 inch bars with wax coated slat, side slot entrance with landing porch, divider board with closable hole to lead to the internal feeder base ( uses 2 of your own mason jars). 120 internal angle mimics comb and I’ve had very little side attachment. Painted pine.
$150 or for $25 more add an observation port.

8 bar NUC box similar to above but with round entrance and round metal entrance closure/ reducer/ vent $50.

I’ll meet you at Pleasant View Mercantile on 491 to show my hives.
Contact me at or 970-560-4385 Please be patient we live off grid and the phone service sometimes gives us the voice mail a day late without ever giving us the call.


I make hives with approximately 120 degree floor to side angles, side slot entrances with a landing porch, and a rear opening with a metal entrance reducer/vent/closure. They have insulated telescoping covers, with metal roofing, and an air gap between the cover and the bars. Bars are 19 inches long and have a waxed slat. The outsides are painted.

30 bar hives come with all bars, a feeder base (uses 2 of your mason jars), and a divider board.

Basic: $155 With observation port: $180

NUC box, as above, with 8 bars and metal closure/reducer/vent: $50

Knock apart single hive stand: $25

Contact us at or 970-560-4385 We are off the grid and our phone service is spotty, please leave a voice mail. We will meet you at the Pleasant View Mercantile to show our hives.

Paul Ducklow has beekeeping supplies available. Click here for the full list as well as his contact information.


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