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Apis Hives Bee Packages

Apis Hive & Honey is a Colorado based bee keeping business. We’ve been providing bees to the whole State of Colorado for many years. We are now taking orders for package bees. Timing is important and supply is limited. We hand shake these 3# pound package of bees. Included in the package is a Steve Park Italian queen. We deliver them to this April to Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction. It in April of 2015 you will be picking up the bees. Please visit our website for more information. You can order bees and gear online now for all three locations at
We do not ship bees via UPS or Postal service.

When considering how stressed a colony of bees can become, consider letting us deliver your bees to our drop points Denver, Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs. Our nonstop, two driver, temperature controlled trailer gives the bees the least stress possible. We do our best to make sure the bees have a limited time in the package. In most cases as little as 72 hours.

If you need any additional information please feel free to email us at





Highland Honey Bee Packages and Nucs

Tim at Highland Honey Bees has Bee Packages and Nucs for sale.

Delivery will be late April-early May.

Top Bar Hives :

John Leonard in SW Colorado looking to sell some TBH hives.

30 bar with telescoping top, metal roofing, 19 inch bars with wax coated slat, side slot entrance with landing porch, divider board with closable hole to lead to the internal feeder base ( uses 2 of your own mason jars). 120 internal angle mimics comb and I’ve had very little side attachment. Painted pine.
$150 or for $25 more add an observation port.

8 bar NUC box similar to above but with round entrance and round metal entrance closure/ reducer/ vent $50.

I’ll meet you at Pleasant View Mercantile on 491 to show my hives.
Contact me at or 970-560-4385 Please be patient we live off grid and the phone service sometimes gives us the voice mail a day late without ever giving us the call.

80 Five-Frame Nucs

Steve and Laura Benson will be bringing in 80 five-frame cardboard, nucs for sale. These are Italian bees from Colorado and they are $120.00 per nuc.

The Benson’s will announce their pickup location that will be in Denver in April. Date and exact location will be announced later.

They are taking orders NOW so if you’re interested call soon – they will go fast. Call: 719-765-4403

Paul Ducklow has beekeeping supplies available. Click here for the full list as well as his contact information.


3 Pounds of Package Bees, Includes Queen, $129. From Plan B.

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