Warre Hive Building Class

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January 19, 2013 @ 8:00 am – January 19, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
Applewood Permaculture Institute
14020 West 32nd Avenue
Golden, CO 80401
Don Studinski

Build a Warre Hive of your own.


Warre Bee Hives are an inexpensive way to do your part to give honeybees a home, improve your habitat and produce your own honey. At each event, we have 4 openings for participants who want to build their own hive.




Complete 4 box Warre Bee Hive along with hands on assembly experience . . . $100.00


That cost includes lunch served the day we build.  The API gardening team will provide lunch and drinks.


Please send your check, made out to Applewood Permaculture Institute, to the address indicated above.  Your check must have cleared the bank before your spot is reserved.  This is, of course, first come, first served.


Assembly will take place within an unheated garage with the door open. Please dress in multiple layers appropriate to the weather. The saying goes that there is no bad weather . . . only insufficient clothing. We will hold the event unless there is a blizzard or something.  You will be helping others build their hives also.  Think of it like the old barn raising events, but we\’re raising hives.  You will work, hard, all day.  You will go home tired, happy, carrying a new Warre and having made new friends.  You will probably want to bring along your camera.  This is no place for children, power tools will be in use all day long.


You must reserve a space by contacting Don Studinski, dstudin@yahoo.com or 303-248-6677. If there is overflow interest we will keep a list and give those first chance at any future hive builds

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