CO Women Who Bee Meeting

August 25, 2013 @ 1:00 pm
Leslie Ellis' house
Kulpmont, PA 17834

The field, in this case, is at my place. Eastbound 6th Ave & Locust — near Lowry. We have a 2-frame extractor, and gladly volunteer it and our garage to harvest your honey frames! Because you are all so good at bringing snacks, feel free to bring snacks. :-)

Date: Sunday, August 25. Time: TBD depending on how many frames need harvesting. Details to come, but, note that Terry said he might come down to lend a hand. Cool!

***If you have Langstroth frames with capped honey:****

1. Bring them BEE-LESS (hubby is enthusiastic but allergic in a big way). It helps to put the frames in a covered container.

2. BYOB – bring your own bucket. Note that you will also need a fine-net filter, to filter out the bee parts (legs, etc). But you can do that part later. For purposes of honey extraction, bring your frames,  your bucket, and no bees.

If you are seriously fearless, I could use some help with our feral (but super active) hive. (Sigh.)

May your bees have a productive August nectar/pollen season! Remember to test/treat your hives for mitesby coating them with powdered sugar. I use a flour sifter. No they don’t like it, but, mitigation matters.


Please RSVP to me if you’re coming on the 25th and how many frames you’re bringing, ok? Thanks!


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