Brighton Beekeepers Monthly Meeting

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June 12, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brighton Agfinity Store
55 West Bromley Lane
Brighton, CO 80601
Dave Swanson

Featuring Don Studinski, owner of Honeybee Keep and an Advisor to the Colorado State Beekeepers Association.

Don Studinski, beekeeper and entrepreneur, will discuss the sometimes controversial issue of smoking the bees with slides of splits using no smoke and using smoke. Two split techniques are covered: find the queen and don’t find the queen. Thetiming and motivation for splits is also covered in the context of living with varroa mites. Audience participation with questions is encouraged while time permits. We wrap up with topics including current local conditions, feeding and what’s happening in the beekeeping world today.
An enthusiastic promoter of permaculture techniques applied to the world of beekeeping, Don comes from the high-tech world of cubicles and computing.  After a BS in Computer Science from LSU, he immediately started a career with IBM.  A decade later, he completed a MS in Computer Information Systems and contributed to Avalon Imaging, StorageTek and McKesson where, as Director of Quality Assurance and Senior Project Manager, he decided to end his time in high-tech.
Don’s current focus is on honeybees that live.  They must live among all the challenges of our time and in our local climate. Don has written about beekeeping for Bee Culture magazine, Living Systems Institute and Pesticide Action Network. He offers a year-round beekeeping mentor program which involves on-line and in-person educational opportunities. Students participate locally and from around the USA.  You can find details about Don’s products, services, teaching programs and reference articles at his website,

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