Women Who Bee March Meeting @ To Bee or not To Bee
Mar 27 @ 1:00 am – 3:00 am

Hello Beekeepers!

Quick reminder that our next meeting is this Wednesday, 7-9P, at To Bee or Not to Bee.

Topic: What to Look For In Your Hive in Spring / Investigating Winter Losses

Plan: Gregg McMahan will rejoin us and asks that we dig into any colonies that *didn’t* over-winter, and pull some brood frames. Then bring that or those frames to the meeting. Intent is to show us how to look at frames as we pull them out of our hives. Also: What to be doing for your bees in Spring. And a general orientation to the season.

It’s going to be plenty warm enough to get into our hives on Wednesday afternoon, so if you can make it work, have a look and bring your questions/frames.

Lastly: Bring a snack / beverage if your schedule permits.

Thanks and see you then!

Leslie Ellis
Please join us at To Bee or Not To Bee on Wednesday, March 26, from 7-9P, to gear up and get prepped for the 2014 beekeeping season. We’re grateful for and excited to welcome back Gregg McMahan, The Bee Guru, to guide the discussion.

NOTE: If you already know you’ve lost a colony over the winter, and want to bring a brood frame for examination, please do! One of the harder things to learn, as new beekeepers, is what to look for. Gregg will show us, and share his knowledge about what we should be doing with our hives, new bee packages, and feeding activities in the month of April.

Vicki and I will provide beverages (water, wine), plates, cutlery, etc., and a few things to nibble on. Please feel free to do the same, if your schedule permits.

Because it probably won’t be warm enough out for us to meet under the pergola outside of the actual store, we’ll be meeting in the upstairs classroom of the building adjacent to the store. It’s the building closest to the entrance into the lot. We will remember to put up directional signs this time for any late arrivals!

Directions to To Bee or Not to Bee here:

LASTLY: BEE PEOPLE, the backyard beekeeping film produced by Women Who Bee Co-Founder Leslie Ellis, and starring BEE GURU Gregg McMahan, was selected by the Denver Film Society’s WOMEN+FILM week and will be shown at the Sie Entertainment Center at 12:30 on Saturday, March 22. Ticket info here (enter “VOICES14” for $2 off):

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Valerie Solheim: Healing With Healing Bees
Apr 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Dear Women Who Bee,
I just spoke with Valerie Solheim. She will be giving a more in depth presentation on Healing with Healing Bees CD’s on April 21 in Arvada.
She asked that I pass this message along to all of you. When she presented to WWB last January she was only able to gave us a taste of some of what she has discovered with how to use Healing Bees CD’s.

This time when she speaks at Journeys for Conscious Living, Valerie will give a more in depth presentation on what she has learned and how to use the healing power of the Healing Bees CD’s.

Her presentation will be on Tuesday, April 21, from 7 pm to 9 pm, 7401 W 59th Ave, Arvada
The group is asking for a $5 donation to attend.
Hope all your bees are doing well.

All the best you all,
Chris Bauch

WAS Conference, Oct. 1-3, Boulder, CO

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