Western CO Beekeepers Association Meeting @ Mesa County Fairgrounds Jockey Club
Apr 11 @ 12:30 am – 2:30 am

Bob Hasse (Bee Bob) will be discussing getting ready for spring and will be talking about splitting hives and swarms.  Bob’s talks are always well done and we’re lucky to have him as a resource!

5th Annual Palisade International Honey Festival
Apr 12 – Apr 13 all-day

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Western CO Beekeepers Association Meeting @ Mesa County Fairgrounds Jockey Club
May 9 @ 12:30 am – 2:30 am
Our next meeting will be this Wednesday, May 8th at the Jockey club building at the Mesa County Fairgrounds at 6pm.  We’ll be talking about upcoming events and Gary McCallister will be presenting Surprising Facts About the Bee Life Cycle (and what it means to you).  Come and learn more about bees and how you can help bees in our community.
In June we won’t be having our regular meeting, but instead encourage our members and friends to attend the Colorado State Beekeepers Association’s Summer Meeting at Paul and Nanci Limbach’s in Silt CO (only about an hour from Grand Junction – check facebook as the event gets a little closer for carpool info).  There will be some great speakers this year and it’s always a fun and informative event.  Bee sure to preregister (remember, if you are current member of WCBA, you are, by default, a CSBA member).  More info here: http://coloradobeekeepers.org/summermeeting/
Because of the County Fair in July, we’ll be foregoing our meeting at the Jockey Club.  But, don’t fret, instead we’ll be setting up small, members-only workshops on bee inspections at local members’ bee yards.  We’ll have groups for Langstroth, Top Bar and Warre hives.  I’ll be sending more info about these group inspections soon!  (Also, if you are a Langstroth hive user that would be willing to show others (a small group – you can set the limits) how to do a hive inspection in July, please let me know and we can work out details.  We’d also like to know if anyone in the Montrose/Delta area or other places like Carbondale/Glenwood would be interested in hosting an inspection (any type of hive).  Again, please contact me to arrange details.


Western CO Beekeepers Meeting @ Jockey Club at Mesa County Fairgrounds
Aug 15 @ 12:30 am – 2:30 am
We’ll be discussing extracting and asking the membership for some input on future meeting topics.
For our upcoming meeting, if anyone has an extractor to bring for demo/exhibition, it would be much appreciated. An automated one would be great too. Call Suzanne at 801-815-5334 if you have one to offer or have questions. If you have one, but can’t
make it to the meeting, pick-up can be arranged.  Thank you!


Western CO Beekeepers Meeting @ Jockey Club at Mesa County Fairgrounds
Sep 12 @ 12:30 am – 2:30 am

Hello Western Colorado Beekeepers Association Members and Friends,

Our next monthly meeting will be held on September 11, 2013 at 6:30pm at the Jockey Club at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.  We will be talking about things beekeepers need to be doing in September (examples: taking honey off, weighing hives, feeding, mite treatment and ventilation) and also will be looking for a couple of new board members to help the club.  We hope to see you there!
Board Member Search: A couple of board members will be leaving this year due to other commitments or new family members!  We’re looking for a few good people to fill in behind them.  There is some flexibility in responsibility and positions that the new board will work out (our current positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Media Officer).  Time commitments for board members typically include a board meeting (usually 2 hours or less per month) and attendance at the monthly meeting and some other special events.  If you are interested, please respond to this email or let us know or tell us at the upcoming meeting!  You can also contact us if you have any questions.
As WCBA members you also have a membership with the Colorado State Beekeepers Association!  Here is the CSBA’s September newsletter, the High Country Bee: http://coloradobeekeepers.org/high-country-bee-edition-2-volume-9-september-2013/
WCBA Survey – Last month we passed around a survey about what you’d like to see the club do and the direction we should head.  We’ll be passing that around again at our next meeting to get even more input.
There is a Fruita City Council meeting on September 17th at 7pm that WCBA members and “friends of bees” have been invited to attend and support. There is an ordinance against beekeeping in Fruita that an organization called BRICK wants changed. We are working with them to find out what they need and we will present details at the WCBA meeting on September 11th. If you have an area of knowledge, (environmental, health, educational, etc) you feel you can share with the council, let us know at the meeting on the 11th. It should be interesting and fun!  Help us make beekeeping legal within Fruita city limits!
Our minutes from the last meeting are also attached!
Thank you for your interest in beekeeping and helping the bees!


Western CO Beekeepers Meeting @ Jockey Club at Mesa County Fairgrounds
Oct 10 @ 12:30 am – 2:30 am
Our AGENDA will be—
1.How to winterize your hive(s)
2.Local HONEY tasting– if some of you could bring a little of your honey for us to sample. Please bring some for all to enjoy.
3.Q & A time
4.Door prize
You will find the minutes from our last meeting attached.
Hope to see you there.
WBCA Board


Western CO Beekeeping Association Meeting @ Mesa County Jockey Club
Jan 9 @ 1:30 am – 3:30 am

To Start the year off right, our first meeting of 2014 will be January 8th at 6:30pm, at the Jockey Club, and will address what beekeepers should be doing right now and planning for spring.  We’ll talk about different types of honeybees and ways to obtain bees. We are hoping local beekeepers who have packages, nuks, queens or other supplies will come to the meeting to pass out cards or info. or post on our FB page. We would like to hear from members that have had experience with bees other than Italians or Carniolans. We would also like to hear about members experiences with obtaining bees (how, where, etc.). 

Hope to see you all soon! 

Western Colorado Beekeepers MEETING @ Jockey Club
Feb 13 @ 1:30 am – 3:30 am

Dues are now due for everyone who hasn’t renewed for 2014!! We’re cleaning up our membership list, so to keep receiving e-mails and such, please renew at the February meeting (2/12/14, at the Jockey Club, 6:30pm!) or mail your dues to us at PO Box 2954, GJ, CO, 81502. The cost is a mere $25 per person or $40 for a family!

We are also considering hosting a booth at Fruita Farm and Ranch Day, which is March 16th, and at The Palisade International Honeybee Festival. No dates for that yet, but usually mid-April. We’re looking for volunteers to help with a booth for 2-3 hours at a time, and you don’t have to be an expert! We just need people to help answer questions and hand out information, so please consider donating some of your time! Just let us know if you’re interested – Thanks in advance!

7th Annual Palisade International Honeybee Festival
Apr 11 – Apr 12 all-day

More details to come.

WAS Conference, Oct. 1-3, Boulder, CO

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