Urban Beekeeping

The following municipalities and/or counties have been “mis-bee-’havin’” and do NOT allow urban beekeeping.  This is not an all-inclusive list!  If you have any updates to this list, please contact me at:  president@coloradobeekeepers.org.

Adams County

Arvada–Bee Ordinance PASSED in August, 2012!


Douglas County

Jefferson County–Bee ordinance PASSED in March, 2013!

Lakewood–Bee ordinance PASSED in December, 2012!

Lone Tree


Windsor Estates



If you are interested in keeping bees in your community, you will need to check your municipal code to determine if bees are allowed.  To check you municipal code, simply type ” ___ municipal code” in your search engine (___  is your municipality/county name).  Click on the link and then conduct a search for “bees”.  If there are any bans/restrictions, they should display.   

There are many Front Range communities that have adopted reasonable restrictions on urban beekeeping.  Links to the municipal code for these communities may be found here: 


Fort Collins




Did you survive the first round of urban beekeeping challenges?  If so, you are ready to move to round 2–your HOA!  If you live in an HOA, you need to double-check your HOA covenants to see if beekeeping is banned.

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