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The Colorado State Beekeepers Association is concerned about the many challenges facing bees and beekeeping in today’s environment.  There are lots of opportunities for you as a beekeeper or you as a member of the general public to provide input to various causes.  Here are some opportunities for involvement:

National Issues:

The Federal Highway BEE (Bettering the Economy and the Environment) Act could use your support.  The content of the Act may be found here.  If you are interested in supporting this piece of legislation, please click here and sign the petition.

The White House issued the following memorandum on Pollinator Health in June of 2014.  This represents a remarkable step in the pollinator health discussion.

Building on this budget initiative, President Obama today issued a Presidential Memorandum on Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators that takes a number of important steps to tackle the problem of pollinator declines, including:

  • Directing the Federal Government to use its research, land management, education, and public/private partnership capacities to broadly advance honey bee and other pollinator health and habitat;
  • Establishing a new Pollinator Health Task Force, co-chaired by United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, to develop a National Pollinator Health Strategy. The Strategy will include: a coordinated research action plan to understand, prevent, and recover from pollinator losses, including determining the relative impacts of habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and other stressors; a public education plan to help individuals, businesses, and other organizations address pollinator losses; and recommendations for increasing public-private partnerships to build on Federal efforts to protect pollinators;
  • Directing Task Force agencies to develop plans to enhance pollinator habitat on federal lands and facilities in order to lead by example to significantly expand the acreage and quality of pollinator habitat, consistent with agency missions and public safety; and
  • Directing Task Force agencies to partner with state, tribal, and local governments; farmers and ranchers; corporations and small businesses; and non-governmental organizations to protect pollinators and increase the quality and amount of available habitat and forage.

Please encourage your Federal, State and Local representatives to support this crucial initiative.

Local Issues:

Currently, Westminster, Broomfield, Lafayette and Brighton are working on lifting bee bans and imposing restrictions.  We can always use citizen involvement.  Please contact your local council representative and express your support for sensible beekeeping regulation.  Thank you.

CSBA Committees:

The CSBA has formed several committees to work on various statewide issues of importance.  They are:  Best Practices, Data Collection, Forage, Master Beekeeper and Pesticides.  If you are interested in serving on any of the committees, please contact the committee chairs.  Service is not limited to CSBA members.

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