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Master Beekeeper Certification Program

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Goals and Objectives

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of beekeeping
  • To increase bee health state wide
  • To support and encourage our regional clubs and their educational goals
  • To provide an objective means for beekeepers to evaluate their skill and understanding of beekeeping
  • To provide opportunity for training and hands-on experience
  • To encourage mentoring relationships and involvement in the beekeeping community
  • To increase public awareness of bees and beekeeping through ambassadorship

The Master Beekeeper Certification Program will consist of three levels: The Apprentice Level, The Journeyman Level, and The Master Level. All beekeepers will enter the program at the Apprentice Level. All participants shall be members in good standing of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association, as well as members of a participating regional beekeeping club ( if available).

Apprentice Level

It is the goal of the CSBA to support our regional bee clubs, and, to this end, we encourage training and mentorship for Apprentice Beekeepers to be conducted within the regional clubs. We will provide guidance to clubs as requested but will not mandate. Applicants to the Apprentice Level testing shall have been a beekeeper for at least two years before making application and shall have taken an approved beginning beekeeping class. Progress to the Journey Level will be accomplished by demonstrating basic beekeeping proficiency in a field exam and basic knowledge of beekeeping in a written exam based on the book “The Beekeeper’s Handbook” by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitable. An exam fee of $40 is due with the application. The field exam may be accomplished at the regional club with an approved examiner and the written exam may be downloaded and completed at home.

Please download apprentice application:

*Once you have paid, we will send you a password to login to the page for the exam.

Journeyman Level

Applicants to the Journeyman Level of the Master Beekeeper Certification Program must have passed both the field and written exams at the Apprentice Level with a score of 85% or better, and have completed a minimum of three years of beekeeping. The applicant will have a maximum of two years to complete Journeyman level requirements which include completing and submitting the two Guided Studies on mites and at least 10 other Guided Studies, available for download at our web site. 6 educational credits shall be completed and reported. All applicants must complete 20 hours of community service and beekeeper mentoring yearly. Applicants will also be mentored, the primary responsibility of fostering this relationship will belong to the mentee.  With the help of the mentor, the applicant will complete the four seasonal field experience worksheets. Optional field training for mentors, hands-on beekeeping workshops, and indoor classes will be offered at additional expense, to help prepare the applicant for the exams, and to fulfill educational credits required. In order to continue to the Master Level the successful participant will pass a field/lab exam and a written exam with a score of at least 85%. Testing will be available only at CSBA winter and summer meetings. Application fee $200.

Master Level  (still under development)

Applicants to the Master Level shall have at least 4 years of beekeeping experience and will have completed all requirements for the Apprentice and Journeyman Levels. Completion of the Master Level will include an additional 20 hours of community service and mentoring of one Apprentice Level and one Journeyman Level student, or two other mentees. The Master Student will propose, set up, and complete a scientific research project using his or her own honey bee colonies, submit a written paper on the projects, and present a 15 minute dissertation on it. The student must pass a lab exam which will include testing honey bees for nosema. Classes will be offered at additional expense. The applicant must pass an oral exam. Application fee $100.

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