CSBA Master Beekeeper Program

The purpose of the CSBA Master Beekeeper program is to provide an infrastructure whereby beekeepers of all levels can increase their beekeeping skills and knowledge on a continuous basis. This will be accomplished within a system that objectively and formally acknowledges those accomplishments at each level. Furthermore, the master beekeeper program seeks individuals to share knowledge and support best management practices through active mandatory outreach programs within the state and local beekeeping organizations. As such, the program structure and content will be modified to keep up with current scientific information that support best management practices and the outreach needs of Local and the State beekeeping organizations.

This program seeks individuals who have a commitment to follow a rigorous training program and maintain a dedication to volunteer in community outreach programs.

The program will be divided into three levels: Apprentice, JourneyPerson, and Master Beekeeper.

Apprentice Level

  • Before applying, you must have taken a beg beekeeping class and kept bees for 1 year thereafter. We prefer that you consider taking one of the approved Beginning beekeeping classes.
  • Submit the application form with the required documentation and non refundable fee.
  • Be a good standing member in The Colorado State Beekeeping organization.
  • Be a good standing member in a Regional Beekeeping organization (if available).
  • Must score 80% or higher on a practical Field Test.
  • Must score 80% or higher on a written examination.

The next Apprentice Field tests are May 15 in Northern Colorado and June 11 at the Summer Meeting in Silt.

Download the CSBA Apprentice Application [PDF]

Apprentice application and field test fee: $40

JourneyPerson Level (intermediate)

To qualify, the individual must meet the following criteria: (Documentation required below must be scanned and sent to CSBAMBK@icloud.com)

  • Have Completed the Apprentice Level Certification
  • Must be a practicing beekeeper for a min of 2 years AFTER receiving the Apprentice Certification
  • Be a good standing member in a regional and State Beekeeping organization during the duration of his/her participation in the Masterbeekeeping program. Letter by officer to support membership length in Local organization is required

Once qualified, applicants will be allowed to enroll in the JourneyPerson educational program (space dependent) and must complete these additional requirements to Complete the programmed maintain their status as JourneyPerson level beekeepers:

  • Participate in all JourneyPerson class
  • Complete the JourneyPerson class curriculum with a min 80% score
  • Volunteer at least 12 hrs each year in a regional or State organization during the duration of his/her participation in the Masterbeekeeping program. Part of these hours must be devoted to presenting a class at a Local or State meeting while registered in the JourneyPerson level. Documentation of volunteer participation is required.
  • Mentor 2-3 beginning beekeepers every year
  • Attend Local/regional as well as at least 1 State/National meeting per year

The dates for the next JourneyPerson class are August 12-14, 2016.

Journeyperson Class Registration: $125.00