Bees - Nucs and Packages

Wondering what a "nuc" is, or a "package"?

Nuc is short for nucleus colony. (It has nothing to do with nuclear power.) Think of it as the start or center of a new colony of bees. It usually consists of 5 deep Langstroth frames (roughly 2 of brood, 2 of food and one empty for the queen to lay in right away) a new, mated, laying queen, and bees all in a temporary travel nuc box of plastic, wood or cardboard. A nuc is a great way to get started in our climate, but costs a little more up front.

A package of bees is a wire screen and wood cage containing usually 3 pounds of bees, a new, mated queen in her cage, and a can of sugar syrup for the journey. The bees will need to build their own comb and accept the queen. This makes it a little more difficult to get started, but costs less up front. See your suppliers' websites for more information.

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