High Country Bee, 4th ed., Volume 12

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WAS Wrap-Up

The Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS conference was a wonderful success! This was by far the largest WAS conference ever held with over 160 full conference registrations and over 300 participants in some form or fashion. The first 2 days focused on Bee Health and the final day on Bees and Human (and Veterinary) Health. Just like a successful colony of bees, it takes many individuals performing many tasks to make a colony a success. Read more »

The Conference countdown has begun!

Yes–Only 2 more weeks before we will be sipping the winner of the Honey Craft Cocktail contest and kicking off the Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS conference in Bee-utiful Boulder! Hard to believe that it is finally just around the corner! Registrations are well above the levels of all previous WAS conferences and I hope you are one of the participants. If not, there is still time! Go to the CSBA, WAS or Eventbrite websites to sign up. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 9

One more month until the Healthy Bee/Bee Healthy WAS Conference! >> This conference is also about networking and there are several networking opportunities available. On Wednesday, September 30, the Bee Buzz Social will kick off the conference. >> After struggling with bears for a good portion of the summer, I am in a brief respite and plan to pull the most “at risk” honey today. I hope you, too, are faring well on the production front. The CSBA has Cottage Industry labels available if you need them. >> If you have not yet tested for mites, now is the time to test and, if needed, treat. Marla Spivak (one of the Healthy Bee keynote speakers!) and Gary Reuter have a nice visual instruction sheet for conducting a powdered sugar mite roll. >> Volunteers are STILL NEEDED to assist with the beekeeping booths at the Colorado State Fair's Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Ag Pavilion. Volunteers will get FREE entrance into the Fair Grounds (however you will have to pay for parking). >> Amazing: Bee Safe Boulder AND Boulder County! For more information on events and happenings about town, go to BeeBoulder.org. >> The long-awaited results of the package bee survey are now available. Thanks to Data Collection committee chair, Nick French, for the compilation. Read more »

August Mid-Month Update

Everything you need to know about bear issues is right here. » 10 Days left for your Early Bee WAS Conference Discount! » The 2015 Colorado State Fair is August 28 through September 7 in Pueblo, Colorado. The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is offering Colorado State Beekeepers Association (and affiliated regional beekeeping associations) FREE display space in the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Pavilion. » The CSBA has Cottage Industry Bill labels available for all of you who are packing honey in your homes. They are $4 for 100 or $30 for 1000 » Many more items of interest! Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 8

It’s Fair and Festival season and my sincere thanks goes out to all of you who have been working at these events. Outreach and education are a critical role for the CSBA–and ALL beekeepers. // The CSBA will be “Puttin’ the Bee in Boulder” a mere 2 months from now! Have you checked out the schedule yet? If not, you should! This will be the largest education event to come to the area in many years and for many years to come. // The Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy conference cost is reasonable — in fact, it’s downright cheap! That’s because of sponsorships! // The Package Bee Survey closed on Friday. I will publish the results as soon as they are available. // How’s your harvest? Going to sell some honey this year? The CSBA has Cottage Industry Bill labels available for all of you who are packing honey in your homes. // NCBA member Ronda Koski is coordinating the bee booth at the Colorado State Fair. Fair dates are August 28 through September 7. VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED! // and much more! Read more »

July 2015 Mid-Month Update

The Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS conference will be held in Boulder on October 1-3, 2015. The complete schedule has been posted to both the CSBA and WAS websites. Pre-registration is open NOW!() || The Colorado History Museum located in downtown Denver is celebrating Colorado’s Birthday on August 1st from 10 am to 5 pm || Please complete the survey regarding your packages. Whether your packages were good or bad, it is important to collect this information. || We were able to secure a cancellation permit for the Salmon River in Idaho and I will be out of town and off the grid from July 17 through July 26. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 7

I had several swarm reports yesterday and expect that swarm season is running behind–like the rest of the natural world! || PLEASE be sure to fill out the Package Bee Survey!!! You need this information! || Summer Bee College Wrap-Up || Healthy Bee / Bee Healthy WAS Conference is the largest and most exciting bee conference in Colorado, ever. || The EPA has asked me to let you know about their bee kill reporting email. beekill@epa.gov They have assured anonymity. I have updated the incident reporting page on the CSBA site to reflect this new information. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 6

We've gone straight from winter to summer in a week || The Summer Bee College/Meeting will be held in less than 2 weeks! || We will be offering the field test for the Apprentice certification at the Summer Bee College || Plan on attending the WAS Conference in Boulder Oct 1-3. It will be the largest beekeeping event in our area ever. More details in mid-June. || The Pesticide Applicator Act did not sunset. The Pesticide Advisory Committee has been expanded to include "a member of a state or national apiary or beekeeper association who is currently active in apiary management and who is either an elected official of or a designee of the association". If you are interested and knowledgeable on the subjects of both bees and pesticides, the CSBA would be interested in further discussions with you with respect to participating on the Pesticide Advisory Committee (PAC). || Package Bees: There have been some issues reported with the package bee deliveries this year. The CSBA is interested in collecting additional information on the success/loss data. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol 5

Swarm season has already begun but will really get going within the next few weeks. Be sure to to share CSBA's Swarm Hotline toll-free number: 844-779-2337 || The CSBA supports the DriftWatch program which allows you to register your bee yards AT NO CHARGE. || Changes are in the air for the CSBA Summer Meeting! Read more about our morning session at Farm Fresh restaurant in Rifle. || CSBA will be hosting the Western Apicultural Society (WAS) conference this fall. The conference theme is “Puttin’ the Bee in Boulder” and we are indeed! The first two days will be “Healthy Bee” and will focus on topics supporting bee health. || Thank you to To Bee or Not to Bee, NCBA and Mile Hive Beekeeping Club for assisting the CSBA with bringing Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture magazine and prolific author, to town. Over 150 people attended the talks. || Bonnie Plants does not utilize any form of systemic neonicotinoid pesticides/insecticides (neonicotinoids class includes; acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid, dinotefuran and thiamethoxam) in the nationwide, greenhouse production of transplants. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th Ed., Vol. 4

After my last day of skiing in Vail today it will be bee season in my world. || Hearing of lots of splitting activity || CSBA, along with NCBA and Mile Hive Beekeeping Club, is pleased to present Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture magazine, on April 29-30, 2015. He will be presenting “10 Rules for Modern Beekeeping”. || CSBA Summer Meeting is moving to Farm Fresh in Rifle, June 13, 2015. Read on for more details! Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th ed., Vol. 3

The CSBA event calendar is full of class offerings and for sale ads from our local bee groups and businesses. || Approval of the application for the registration of oxalic acid use would give U.S. beekeepers another tool in their fight against Varroa. Make your voice heard! || The BIG NEWS of the month appears to be the "Flow Hive" || And much more! Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th ed., Vol. 2

It is beginning to feel like spring in the bee world! || This year's legislative activity is focused on the Sunset Review of the Colorado Pesticide Applicators Act (PAA). If you think that 10 more years is too long for the PAA to not even mention the word pollinators, we need your help! || The Western Apicultural Society Conference that is being held in Boulder on October 1-3, 2015. We are "Putting the Bee in Boulder!" with a 3 day community-wide celebration. Read more »

High Country Bee, 4th ed., Vol. 1

Next week, the two national bee associations, National Honey Producers Association (NHPA) and the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) will be hosting their annual conferences. | 3 new clubs joined the CSBA. Direct memberships increased by approximately 15%. | Goals for 2015 | Mark Winston book signing at Boulder Book Store. | Several Beekeeping classes are available. Read more »