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31 Dec

Happy New Year!

Beth Conrey blog

Cheers to the end of 2013 which has been an especially difficult year for me, personally, and not too great for quite a few other folks, either.  And YEAHHH!!! for the arrival of 2014.  The CSBA is looking forward to 2014 and its 125 year celebration.

Vocabulary Lessons

2013 is the year of “spambot” and spambot is a word that I can absolutely live without in my vocabulary!   What is a spambot?  It is an automated spammer and spambots found the CSBA Forum and deluged my email for the past 2 months with new forum registration forms.  In addition, a bunch of garbage was posted to the various forum areas. My webmaster has tried several methods of removing us from the spambot list to no avail and a total revision of the CSBA Forum site is now needed.  This is neither fast nor cheap.  I could use a bit of feedback from the CO Beekeeping community on the CSBA Forum as long as it needs to be revised.  Please take a look at the Forum and provide me with any suggestions you have by 1/15/14.

2014 is the year of the “quasquicentennial”.  What the heck is that?  The quasquicentennial is the 125th anniversary celebration of the CSBA’s incorporation which occurred 125 years ago just yesterday!  How many entities can you think of that have survived 125 years?  This is an event truly worth celebrating and we are planning on doing so for all of 2014!  Due to the ongoing nature of the celebration, there is a great need for volunteers around the state to make sure that each of your communities is aware of this milestone and can participate in educational events if they choose to do so.  More to follow.

2013 Successes

The biggest success of 2013 is the acquisition of our non-profit 501c3 status.  Thanks to Fred Powell, the CSBA Secretary, for his efforts on the application.  The non-profit status will have significant ramifications for the CSBA and its regional affiliates in the upcoming year.  Stay tuned as we embark on the most significant change to the CSBA in 125 years!

Another really successfully executed idea of 2013 was the “CSBA Traveling Road Show”.  The Road Show is designed to bring some of the considerable expertise of the CSBA Officers and Board to the newer bee groups who lack this expertise.  The Board and I traveled to Durango, Walsenburg, Brighton, Denver and Grand Junction in the inaugural year of the Road Show.  Take advantage of this expertise and invite us to your club next spring and fall!

The CSBA printed a new publication for Pollinator Week this year:   Save the Pollinators! Sincere thanks to the amazing staff at BBB Seed and to Julie Finley-Ridinger for their assistance in the design and execution of this brochure.  You can download it here or holler at me in some form or fashion with a snail mail address and I will send you some for your outreach efforts.

Despite the spambot issue, the CSBA website has made great strides.  If you are not utilizing this resource, you are missing the boat on a TON of invaluable information from class schedules to Urban Beekeeping regulations to plants for bees.  Check out the CSBA website here:

2014 Goals

The CSBA has several goals for 2014 and, of course, they cannot be reached without YOU!

The number one goal will be the rollout of the 501c3 information and how it impacts the regional associations.

Number 2 is the 125 anniversary celebration of the CSBA’s incorporation.

We will continue to work on the removal of bee bans across the state and their replacement with “responsible” code.  Do you have a bee ban in your community?  What is your response?  Hide your bees?  Change the law?  If the answer is the latter, then be sure to utilize the considerable resources on the CSBA website.  We have been successful at 100% of the bee bans we have worked on.  Let us put that success to work for you in your community.  We need bee bans removed in Fort Lupton, Broomfield and Commerce City.  If you vote in these communities, WE NEED YOUR HELP to get the ball rolling.

Finally, social media needs to be better utilized to expand our beekeeping membership to younger members and the liaison role needs to be better defined so that communication between the regional associations and the CSBA is more fluid.

ABF Conference/AHPA Conferences

The ABF Conference will be held in Baton Rouge on January 7-11 and the AHPA will be held in San Antonio on the same dates.  I will be speaking at the ABF and, thus, will be in Baton Rouge next week.  Anyone going to the AHPA?  THe CSBA would be very interested in a report from the convention if so.  I like to take the opportunity at these annual meetings to meet other beekeepers from around the country; get new ideas on successful programs; recruit speakers for our semi-annual meetings and familiarize myself with the latest in bee research.  If you have never been to a national convention, you should go!  They are a lot of fun!

Of Interest

Bee Safe Neighborhoods–an idea whose time has come.  There is a meeting in Boulder on this concept this Saturday.  See the CSBA event calendar for more information.

Lots of nucs/packages available now.  Better get your orders in!

Harvest Lane Honey is offering free shipping through tonight at midnight!

New North Dakota Pollinator Plan

Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Honey Bees–Report from Washington State University

As always, thank you for being a member!

Beth Conrey



03 Dec

High Country Bee, Edition 2, Volume 12, December, 2013

Beth Conrey blog


Thank YOU for attending the best CSBA Winter meeting that we’ve had under my watch!  There were well over 100 of you in attendance and the Douglas County Fairgrounds were simply perfect for the event.

We are expecting a major change in the weather tomorrow and I am hustling to replace all of my insulators that were destroyed by the flood.  Today is my final day to get them on–so that will be the plan.

As president of the CSBA, I find that people occasionally forget that I actually run a business, too.  In fact, I have a family also!   Between these 2 commitments, and the flood cleanup exercise, I am behind.  Please forgive me.  It has been a trying few months and the light is not at the end of the tunnel yet–but it is getting closer–and I do not think it is a train.

Happy Holidays to all of you from the CSBA leadership.  Enjoy the time with your loved ones.


The CSBA relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish its lofty goals every year.  As you can see from the events listed below, this is an ongoing need.  There are lots of different ways that you can volunteer for CSBA without being in the limelight.  Please consider helping on CSBA projects.  It is most appreciated.  Next month, I will feature some volunteering opportunities on CSBA committees.


What the heck is that?  The quasquicentennial is the 125th anniversary celebration of the CSBA’s incorporation!  How many entities can you think of that have survived 125 years?  This is an event truly worth celebrating and we are planning on doing so for all of 2014!  Due to the ongoing nature of the celebration, there is a great need for volunteers around the state to make sure that each of your communities is aware of this milestone and can participate in educational events if they choose to do so.  Tony Fronczek is all pumped up about FINALLY participating in a valuable way at the Colorado State Fair in 2014.  He would like some help.  Unfortunately, being the social media idiot that I am, I can not find his contact info.  Just get in touch with me and I will figure out how to get in touch with Tony.

Winter Meeting Recap

The Winter Meeting was a tremendous success!  This year, we moved to Kirk Hall at the Douglas County Fairground facility right off of I-25 and Exit 181 in Castle Rock.  The venue was perfect–generously sized so there were tables available for all attendees; adequate room for vendors; proper facilities for the caterer and plentiful and close parking.  The weather, too, cooperated and we had beekeepers in attendance from all corners of the state as a result!

Our featured speaker was Dave Mendes and he gave 2 down-to-earth, practical speeches on his beekeeping operation, Headwaters Farm, and on what works for bee nutrition in his operation.  Dave runs 20,000 hives which is darn close to the number of hives that we have in the entire state!  I will get the slides of his presentation posted to the CSBA site soon–especially the “recipe” for his protein patties.  It would be good if we could get a little protein patty manufacturing operation going to capitalize on some cost savings…

The BIG MONEY HONEY contest had over 60 entries this year and kept our honey judges busy the entire day!  Special thanks goes to Chief Judge, Nancy Stead, for persevering through all of the entries.  She was joined by Mike Halby and John Hartley who also deserve a round of applause for their efforts.  The grand prize winner was Debi Daly for her light honey–extending the Daly dynasty supremacy for yet another year.  This makes 3!  CONGRATULATIONS to the Professionals!  Second place overall went to David Izaguirre of Izzy’s Honey in Greeley for his beeswax and third place overall went to Don Studinski for his amber honey.  Competition was stiff in all categories and I am delighted that we had such a strong showing!  This contest just keeps getting better and better–but it is not quite perfect yet.  I am going to solicit the Daly’s assistance in fixing the final few details that need to be addressed and, hopefully, next year we can claim perfection.

This year, we also hosted a Silent Auction for Flood and Fire victims and nearly $1000 was raised!  A HUGE THANK YOU to all who donated to the Silent Auction as well as to all who engaged in the bidding.  A final tally is still in the works and then the money will need to be distributed.  If you sustained losses relating to either the floods or fire this year, please contact me so that we may attempt to offset some of your losses through this fund.

Summer Meeting

We don’t rest on our laurels around here!  The Summer Meeting will be held in Silt on June 14th, 2014.  We have outgrown Paul’s facility, too and are looking at alternative venues for the morning lecture session.  We will keep you posted but mark your calendars now because the featured speaker will be Jim Tew!

WAS Conference 2015

Colorado is the proud host of the Western Apicultural Society Conference for 2015!  This is an exciting opportunity for us and I am looking forward to it.  This will be a joint meeting of the CSBA and WAS.  Very preliminary efforts are underway to research various conference facilities around the state and, if you are interested in helping, we could use your assistance!  Contact me and I will get you all together.  Let’s make this the best WAS conference yet!

Of Interest

There is a bill in Congress that needs your support called the Save America’s Pollinators Act.  A link can be found here.  You may notice, if you go to the site, that not a single Colorado representative is a co-sponsor!    Please, please, please, make the time to contact YOUR representative and let them know you support his bill.  There are several petitions circulating online, too–but calls and emails are better!

Restoring the Balance in Beekeeping by Phil Chandler

Oregon Restricts Pesticides after 50,000 Bumblebees were killed this summer

Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen Nosema ceranae

Europe is banning bee-harmful pesticides.  The US should take a lead.

Monarch Butterfly Migration at Lowest Number on Record–I find this so terribly sad!

As always, thank you for being a member!

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SouthEast Beekeepers Club Monthl... @ North Pinery Firehouse
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Boulder County Beekeepers Meeting @ Lefthand Grange
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Mile Hive Bee Club @ Project Angel Heart
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Brighton Beekeepers Monthly Meeting @ United Power HQ
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Central Colorado Beekeepers Meeting @ Crest Academy
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High Land Beekeeping Club Meeting @ Roxborough Community Center
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