Month: October, 2012

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Tim Hardy blog

Happy Halloween!

The CSBA WInter Meeting is just 3 days away and the BUZZZZZZ is great!  Pre-registrations are at an all-time high and we are expecting quite a crowd.  If you have not pre-registered–you are in good company!  That is why we have 2 opportunities to register at the door as well as to enter your honey into the BIG MONEY HONEY contest!

The first opportunity will be on Friday evening.  Beginning at 7 pm, there will be a “Meet and Greet” with our guest speaker Dennis vanEnglesdorp.  The Meet and Greet will feature a honey dessert bar as well as a mead tasting and beverages from Honeydrop beverages.  Attire is casual.  Holding out for the menu?  Well, I have it finalized:  Pear Cheddar Tart, Toffee Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Oranges (with orange blossom honey), Strawberries Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Lavender Honey, Mini Cupcakes with Honey Frosting and White and Bittersweet Chocolate Honeycomb Bites.  I think it sounds pretty good and I hope you do, too, and will join us on Friday evening.

The second opportunity will be on Saturday morning when the doors open at 8 am!  Weather looks great for travel so, hopefully, we will see some folks from the Western Slope.  A reminder that directions, maps, pre-registration forms, honey entry forms etc. are all on the CSBA website.  Feel free to print out the forms and fill them out before arrival to ensure a quick and painless entry process.

There will be an election of officers on Saturday afternoon.  The entire slate is up for election at this time.  This includes President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as 1 Advisor.   If you are interested in any of these positions, and need more information, please do not hesitate to call or email. 970-213-3099 or Responsibilities for the “normal” officers are standard as defined by Roberts Rules of Order.  The Advisor acts as such and has a single vote on the Executive Committee, too.

In addition, I am asking for a volunteer to be Colorado Director for the Western Apicultural Society.  I am the current WAS Director and can attest to the amount of time needed to do the position justice to be minimal.   Annually, I suspect it is 10 hours.  You need to write an article for the WAS Journal bi-annually and you should be at the Annual WAS meeting.  Next year, it is in Santa Fe and we will need to help Melanie Kirby, New Mexico Director and current WAS President, with the conference as much as needed.  Thus, I believe the position will require more time next year than is typical.  I am happy to carry on in this capacity but think it would be a good idea to elect someone else.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and I hope to see you all this weekend.

Thank you for being a member.





21 Oct

CSBA Winter Meeting just 2 weeks away!

Tim Hardy blog


The CSBA Winter Meeting is just 2 WEEKS AWAY!  It will be held at Roxborough Community Center on Saturday, November 3rd, from 9-5.  The final day to receive your 15% EARLY BEE DISCOUNT is October 25th.  Holy Cow–that’s this Friday!  Go to the CSBA website for all the details, your pre-registration form, and to pay with Paypal.  Lunch is included.  Please join us for this exciting all day event.

There are a lot of state-level projects in the works and the CSBA is forming committees to address and prioritize some of these issues.  The following committees will be formed at the Winter Meeting:  Best Practices, Data Collection, Forage, Master Beekeeper, and Pesticides.  While the details are not in place, the overall idea of what the committees will be doing is as follows.

Best Practices–This committee would be responsible for drafting a set of “Best Practices” for beekeepers of different hive types in different settings.  The committee would scan the internet for best practices documents to use as models for the crafting of a CO Best Practices.  The committee will compile and expand that data as necessary to create a CO Best Practices series of reference documents for new and existing beekeepers as well as for the general public.  Best practices would be another helpful tool in the effort to remove all bee bans.  This committee will communicate by email only and estimated time needed for adequate participation is approximately 2 hours monthly.  This committee’s major work will be in the next 12 months.  Best Practices should be available at the CSBA 2013 Winter Meeting.

Data Collection–There is very little in the way of data being collected on the small and mid-sized beekeepers.  For example, there is no data on package success nor is there any comprehensive data on overwintering losses.  This committee will be responsible for embarking on a long-term data collection strategy which will aid us in the procurement of funds for further studies and, hopefully, begin or strengthen partnerships with Colorado colleges.  In addition, it will provide us with a sound basis for evaluating packages, nucs, and queen stock from breeders and package providers.  This committee will also be an email committee with estimated time to be 4-5 hours monthly during the off-season and none during bee season.  Initial design of the questionnaires as well as determining collection methodology and interpretation of results will be fairly time-consuming this first year.  Subsequent years efforts will be focused on administration and results.  It would be cool to see data from 2012 at the Summer or Winter meeting of 2013.

Forage–For those of you who are reading any of the bee magazines, you know that forage is a “hot topic” right now.  The long-term solution to honey production and bee health is not sugar feeding.  It is increased forage.  This is an absolutely universal issue–if you keep bees, this situation affects you!  My vision for this committee is to begin the process of developing a long-term strategy for forage management in CO.  There are numerous federal and state program opportunities to capitalize upon.  We just need to figure out what they are and how to access them.  In addition, there are lots of organizations that have information on forage plantings for urban, suburban and agricultural areas that need to be reviewed and compiled and centrally located (on the CSBA site) so that folks can easily use the information.  I see this as an email committee with a possible face-to-face meeting or two.  Thus, I see this as a 4 hour monthly commitment monthly during the off-season.

Master Beekeeper–The CSBA is lucky to have not one, but TWO, individuals who are interested in getting a formal Master Beekeeper program off the ground. They will be speaking to you at the Winter meeting about their vision and goals and will be seeking volunteers to help achieve them.  There are currently several Master Beekeeping programs offered in the country–but none particularly near Colorado.  Time to close the gap!

Pesticides–This committee will be responsible for ensuring that the State fairly represents its membership with respect to pesticide issues.  The committee will select a representative to sit on the Colorado Pollinator Workgroup who will act as the spokesperson for the CSBA.  At present, there is a document, “Guidelines for Aerial Applicators”, which will require a formal response by early next year.  This committee will also be responsible for updating the insecticide section of the CSBA website with current and pertinent data.  There is a lot of information currently on the site–but it needs to be updated.  I can envision this committee actually acting as the primary liaison between the membership and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) with respect to member pesticide issues.  The committee may also be the medium by which new in-hive miticides/pesticides are presented to the CDA for approval for use in CO.  In short, this is a pretty broad issue and whomever signs on as Chair of this committee will need to determine priorities and direction.  Furthermore, representation will need to be defined so that all beekeeping interests are fairly represented:  i.e.:  commercial/hobbyist/sideliner or urban/suburban/agriculture.  This will require a time commitment of 2 hours per month except for the chairperson and the individual who sits on the CPW.  That individual will need to make 2 trips to Denver annually for the CPW meetings.  The CSBA will compensate for travel.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do and I, and the CSBA, need your help.  We need people to chair these committees so–if one of the above strikes a chord wtih you, please step up.  No time to lead?  Look at these committee volunteer opportunities and consider making a commitment for the betterment of beekeeping in Colorado.  Member time requirements are nominal–but integral.  If you are unable to make the Meet and Greet or the meeting, please feel free to email me with your interests and I will forward them to the appropriate committee chair.

As always, please feel free to email/call me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for being a member.

P.S.  Dr. Dennison has set up a new website.  I have linked it to the CSBA site.  It is:

P.S.S.  Some of you may have received an email from the American Bee Federation regarding the need to register with the FDA regardless of the size and scope of your beekeeping operation.  I sent an email, per the ABF’s suggestion, to the CDA Commissioner, John Salazar, requesting assistance with an exemption for CO producers who meet the proposed federal exemption of $500,000 or less in sales or who sell more than 50% of their product within 275 miles of their residence.  I will keep you posted.





14 Oct

CSBA Winter Meeting just 3 weeks away!

Tim Hardy blog


The CSBA Winter Meeting is just 3 WEEKS AWAY!  It is being held at Roxborough Community Center on Saturday, November 3rd from 9-5.  The meeting will feature Dennis vanEngelsdorp of the Bee Informed Partnership.  I heard Dennis speak at the ABF conference in Las Vegas this year and he was wonderful!  He is not a technical speaker–just an engaging and enlightening one.  Go to the CSBA website,, and listen to some TED talks by Dennis.

Pre-registration is coming along nicely and I just wanted to put a “buzz” in your ear to remind you that if you have not pre-registered, you should!  You get a 15% discount for pre-registering. Go to the CSBA site,, to download a pre-registration form or to pay with Paypal.  Of course, lunch will be served and is included in your pre-registration fees.

This year, we are going to try a new event–a Friday night Meet and Greet which will feature some of our local brewers and mead-makers and non-alcoholic beverages from one of our commercial partners, Honeydrop beverages.  We are also going to host a honey dessert bar!  Please be sure to pre-register for this event also so we know how much food to prepare.

Worried about funds?  Volunteer to be a judge for the BIG MONEY HONEY contest.  If you volunteer, and attend training, and judge, the CSBA will cover your registration fees.  This will involve about 3 hours of work including the training.  Please email or call me at the contact information below if you are interested in judging.  Let me know if you would like to attend the Friday night judge training from 5:30 to 6:30 pm or the Saturday morning judge training from 9-10 am.  I only need 3 more judges at this time.

If you are coming in from out-of-town, we have hotel accommodations available at a nice discount. has all the information on obtaining those rooms.  Make a weekend out of it!

I hope to see you there!


CSBA President


01 Oct

High Country Bee–Edition 1, Volume 6, October, 2012

Tim Hardy blog


The changing colors of the trees and the colder evenings mean that fall is well on its way here in Colorado.  Time for that honey to come off the hives–if you have any to pull.   Many members have had a tough year for honey production and have legitimate concerns about the ability of their hives to overwinter successfully this year.  Please, perform a thorough inspection of your hives now and make sure they have adequate winter stores.  If they do not, then consider feeding or merging them.  For those of you who did get honey for yourselves, congratulations!  I harvested plenty of honey this year–but I had measureable rain in July and that made all the difference in the world!

A reminder that the CSBA has the labels required by the Cottage Industry bill available for purchase at cost.  If you have enough honey that you would like to sell some, please read the CSBA Cottage Industry section to understand your requirements and contact me at to get the labels mailed to you.  The cost is $30 which includes mailing, if necessary.  I will also have them available for pick up at the Winter Meeting.

CSBA Winter Meeting

The CSBA Winter Meeting will be held at Roxborough Community Center in Roxborough State Park on Saturday, November 3rd, from 9am-5pm.  Featured speaker will be Dennis vanEngelsdorp of the Bee Informed Partnership.  Dennis is a wonderful speaker and we are delighted to have him.  Check out the website for links to TED talks.  The Winter Meeting fee is the same as last year $20 for CSBA members and $25 for-non-members.  Lunch is still included (and because we all were so happy with the caterers from last year, we are using them again!)  Pre-registration for the Winter Meeting is going on right now and, if you pre-register before October 25th, you receive a 15% discount!  You can pay with PayPal on the CSBA site or mail your check directly to Treasurer, John Hartley.  His address is on the pre-registration form.

On Friday evening, we will host a “Meet and Greet” with Dr. vanEngelsdorp from 7-9pm also at the Roxborough Community Center.  This is a new event and I am really looking forward to it.  Everyone just LOVES the Honey Dinner at the Summer Meeting so this will be a Honey Dessert Bar with Colorado meads and beers and beverages from a new partner, Honeydrop beverages.  As we have never done this sort of thing before, I am asking you all to PRE-REGISTER for the event so we know how much food to prepare.  You will also be able to pre-register and submit your entries to the BIG MONEY HONEY CONTEST on Friday evening.

A biography of Dennis, pre-registration forms, an agenda, directions and information on Roxborough State Park and a map to the facility can all be found on one handy spot on the CSBA website:  Alternatively, click on the Calendar tab and select Winter Meeting.

Coming from out of town?  Discounted hotel accommodations are available for single suites and double suites at Marriott TownPlace which is the closest hotel to the park.  Simply use the links available on the second page of the pre-registration form for your reservation with the CSBA rates or click here.

And don’t forget about the BIG MONEY HONEY CONTEST–back again this year.  Last year’s honey contest was a highly competitive event and I expect this year’s competition to be just as tough.  We have more members this year so I anticipate more entries.  The first, second and third place winners in each category will receive rosettes.  The first place winners in each category will be entered into the final competition for “Best of Show”.  Third place will receive $100, 2nd place $200 and 1st place $300.  In addition, our first prize winner will receive a beautiful plaque to display at their honey house or booth and take home the newly refurbished traveling trophy.  Thanks to Doyen Mitchell, last year’s 1st prize “Best of Show” winner, for taking the initiative to spiff it up!  For the BIG MONEY HONEY CONTEST entry forms and the rules, go to the handy spot on the CSBA website:  Alternatively, click on the Calendar tab and select Winter Meeting.

Speaking of BIG MONEY HONEY CONTESTS, reminds me of honey judges.  We need honey judges!  John Hartley will be providing honey judge training on both Friday evening before the Meet and Greet, from 5:45 to 6:45pm.  He will also provide an additional training on Saturday morning from 9 to 10am.  If you are interested in being a honey judge, we would love to have you–and we will pay your registration fee (including lunch) to do so.  Please email me at and let me know which session you would like to attend.  First come, first served.

One more thing…

I have updated the State website with respect to Dr. Dennison and it now includes the PowerPoint presentations he made at both Castle Rock and Berthoud.  I have added a “Honeybees and Health” section and place the Dr. Dennison lecture under it as a sub-header.  If you come across any information which you feel would be appropriate for this section of the website, please forward it to me and I will update the site to reflect your input.  The CSBA videotaped Dr. Dennison delivering the Berthoud presentation and the video is available for check-out from the CSBA.  The charge is $5 for CSBA members and $10 for non-members.  If you would like to show the DVD, simply email me and I will get it in the mail to you.

As always, please feel free to email/call me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for being a member.







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