All–August is upon us and this means three things:  Fair season, honey harvest season and National Honey Bee Day.  This year, various regional associations are participating in lots of fairs:  Adams, Boulder, Denver, El Paso, JeffCo and Larimer to name but a few.  Fairs are a great way to educate the public on bees and I encourage each and every one of you to volunteer to work a shift.  You will have a lot of fun, the time will just fly by, and you will make a positive impact on every person you chat with.  Thanks to ALL of you who volunteer–you are the voice of your bees–and they need our help!

The CSBA has publications, honey sticks and kids stickers, bookmarks and activity sheets available for your use in your outreach efforts.  Please use these items–they are a benefit of your membership.  Call me 970-213-3099 or email me and I will get them to you one way or another.

Personally, I started out July with 3.5 inches of rain.  Yep, INCHES! And it was a game changer for honey production.  The plants and the girls took immediate advantage of the moisture and proceeded to pack on the honey.  I expect an average production year this year.  Production in some areas is going to be down, way down, due to the drought.  If you are in a drought-stricken area of the state, my thoughts are with you and I encourage you to provide your bees with the water and food they need to get through.

National Honey Bee Day is August 18th.  There are 3 missions to National Honey Bee Day:

1.  Promotion and advancement of beekeeping.

2.  Educate the public to honey bees and beekeeping.

3.  Make the public aware of environmental concerns affecting honey bees.

Take advantage of this year’s National Honey Bee day and share your love of bees with your community.  Colorado has a National Honey Bee Day director.  His name is Gary McCallister and he is an officer and a member of Western Colorado Beekeepers Association.  He is interested in expanding promotion for National Honey Bee Day next year.  If you are interested in volunteering for this effort, please email him at:

Allen Dennison

Allen Dennison is a medical doctor who is also a big fan of local honey for wound treatment.  He gets rave reviews whenever he speaks and he will be our guest speaker in August.  Each talk will be a two part talk.  The first, “Healing Wounds with Honey: History and Science”; the second, “Practical Laboratory: Making Ointments with Honey and Applying them as Dressings”.  Dr. Allen Dennison, M.D. is an Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Brown University, Providence, RI. and Medical Director at Evergreen House Health Center, Lifecare Centers of America.

The dates for his talks are:  Thursday, August 16th, 7-9 pm, at Lowell Ranch on Plum Creek in Castle Rock (where the 2011 Winter meeting was held) and Saturday, August 18th, 9-11 am at Berthoud High School.  Please mark your calendars now to attend this interesting seminar.

Please go to to download maps, directions, marketing material (flyers and post cards) for your office, gym, store, etc.  I hope you will join me for what is sure to be an enlightening talk.

P.S.  We would like to video this event.  Can you help?  Can one of your kids help?  If so, please contact me at 970-213-3099 or

Website Updates

In addition to the Allen Dennison section, I have set up a whole new section on the website with additional information and clarification regarding the Cottage Industry Bill:

Our webmaster, Tim Hardy and I have also edited the headers and added a new section called “Help the Honeybee”.  I am slowly populating this section but 3 out of the 4 are in pretty good shape:  Urban Beekeeping, Insecticides, and Alternative Pollinators.  I have a section on bears under Urban Beekeeping that you may want to check out as bear season is fast approaching.

Tim has also redesigned the CSBA Business Directory to be more user-friendly, too.  Initially, this section was set up alphabetically.  However, most users are not using it that way.  They want to know where to find, shocking but true, HONEY!  So–it is now set up to be sorted and used by product offerings.  Please take a moment to update your information and verify its accuracy.  If you have a logo or a website or you do not have a listing and would like one, please submit your information using the “Submit a Listing” button.  This is another FREE SERVICE for members!


There are a lot of items, besides the Cottage Industry Bill, that are in need of members to voice their opinion.  Many of these are just getting finalized as I write this.  Thus, I will consolidate all of the opportunities to make a difference here in Colorado with respect to local regulations and national policy, in another newsletter addendum or, perhaps, another section on the website, some time this month.

Denver Honey Festival

Member James Bertini of Denver Urban Homesteading is hosting a Honey Festival.  It will take place at Denver Urban Homesteading at 200 Santa Fe Drive on Saturday, September 22nd from 11-4.  It is a free event but James could use some vendors and some volunteers.  Please call  or email him at 303-572-3122 or .

CSBA Winter Meeting is right around the corner!  This year it will be bigger and better than ever!  Mark your calendars now for November 2nd and 3rd.

As always, please feel free to email/call me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for being a member.