Month: March, 2012

11 Mar

Mid-March President’s Update

Tim Hardy blog


The warm weather of the past couple of weeks should have allowed you to observe all of your hives and to assess winter losses.  Hobbyists are severely under-represented in data collection in this state and nationwide.  If you are a hobbyist, this is your one chance to stand up and bee counted!  Please be sure to participate in the Bee Informed Partnership survey!

This is also the time of year when the calls begin coming in about bees in my….chicken feed, compost (for coffee grounds), and bird feeders.  Bees NEED to collect pollen.  It is their nature.  In the absence of abundant pollen, they collect alternatives–thus the visits to the fine particles mentioned above.  This is a temporary state mitigated by a true pollen source.  Luckily, pollen is already flowing along the Front Range.  Here is a link to a pollen chart that I find to be pretty darn handy.

Cottage Industry Bill PASSED!

The Cottage Industry bill has passed through the legislature and is heading to the Governor’s office for a signature.  I am very pleased with the passage of this bill as it will allow you to process your honey at home without a State inspected kitchen.  The commercial kitchen requirement has been an onerous and expensive necessity for years and I shall not miss its departure.  There are several requirements of the bill that I am now moving forward on resolving.  First is the need for food safety training.  I am working with Extension to set up this training and will keep you informed on the availability of this training throughout the state.  Secondly, there is an allergen warning that is mandated with the bill also.  I tried to have the bill amended to remove honey from this requirement but this did not happen.  I am working with Colorado Proud to see if they can assist in developing/producing hang tags with this warning and will keep you informed of this project as we move forward.

Did you know that there is a Colorado Beekeepers Directory on the CSBA website?  You can (for free!) get your information onto the website so that potential customers can find you and your product.  With the passage of this bill, I expect more of you to participate in this directory and have modified the website to include a form for you to send me your information so that I can get you on the web!

Marketing Your Food Product Workshop

The CO Department of Agriculture (CDA) offers a Marketing Your Food Product Workshop annually.  I attended this a few years back and found it to be of great value from both an informational and financial standpoint.  Here is a link.  Consider attending–it is an all day event for only $35.00.  You will learn a LOT!

Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week is June 18th through the 24th and, this year, I would like to use this week to reach out to the public for support of our industry.  This will take some help from all of you!  If you have any ideas on how to accomplish this task most effectively, email me at:

I will be on vacation and out of email/vmail range from March 31 through April 8th.  I will answer all communications when I return.

Still accepting suggestions on newsletter names until the end of the month.  Lots of entries arriving daily.  Get yours in ASAP! The winner will be announced after I get back from vacation.

As always, please feel free to email/call me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for being a member.

Thanks!  Beth

01 Mar

March Letter from the President

Tim Hardy blog

Boy, after a February like that, who needs January!  An absolute role reversal for the months, in my opinion.  I was able to get two-thirds of my bees onto feeders before the weather struck back–that was actually January.  The final third are all running a field test for me as I have been unable to get out to them since.  Cross my fingers!

No matter what, we are going to know who survived and who did not.  This year, I hope you all choose to participate in the Bee Informed Partnership Survey  This survey has been funded for five years and this will be the second year of implementation.  I heard some of the results at the American Beekeeping Federation conference in January, and you can read them, on the Bee Informed website.  There is a lot of valuable information being compiled and I urge you to assist with the effort.

Have you ordered your packages and nucs yet?  Time is rapidly running out!  Please see the “For Sale” section of the CSBA website for all of our member offerings.

Last month, I asked you all to participate in a naming contest for this newsletter and I did not receive a single suggestion.  I am bummed!  Either you did not read the newsletter or you did not choose to participate but either way I am bummed.  So–I am going to extend the 25$ cash reward for another month in hopes that suggestions come pouring in!

Thornton Does Indeed Love Bees!

Tuesday night, Thornton Town Council voted in favor of removing the bee ban and implementing bee restrictions.  There was a lot of effort that went into this result but the gentleman who deserves the most credit is Dan Finerty.  He is a Thornton resident and just persevered until he got his way.  Way to go Dan!  Congratulations to all Thornton residents who can now legitimately keep bee hives in their backyards.  I sent an email to Kim Flottum at Bee Culture asking him to remove Thornton from the “Wall of Shame”.  This is the 5th bee ban to be lifted in this State in the past few years that I know of.  Time to get rid of the rest of them!

If you have a bee ban in the community in which you live, consider being the next Dan Finerty and begin the process of removing that ban.  There really is not any good reason to keep them on the books.  The CSBA, as well as your regional associations, stand ready to help.

Legislative Update:

SB 12-048, the “Local Foods, Local Jobs” act, will allow us to bottle up to $5000 in net sales of honey out of a home kitchen.  It has passed the Senate at this time–with only one negative vote!  I just looked at the Colorado General assembly website, and it looks to have also made it out of the House Committee.  Unfortunately, it looks as though the labeling requirement for honey remains.  Rats!–but still progress.    You may read the bill yourself here:

The second bill is HB 12-1027.  This one is being referred to as the “Cupcake Bill”.  This bill addresses different aspects of home kitchen preparation from the Senate bill in that it mandates registration at the County level.  It passed the House on a unanimous vote so it is heading to the Senate.  You may read the bill yourself here:

In Memorium:

Colorado lost two members of our beekeeping community late last year.

Janet Macpherson was president of the Northern Colorado Beekeeping Association for several years previous to me and was the reason that I joined that organization.  I attended her memorial service and was impressed with the sheer number of people whose lives she had touched.  There were folks there who knew her in many different capacities and the stories shared were poignant.  I will miss her.  Her obituary may be found here:

Immediately following the news of Janet, I received notice of yet another premature death in Loveland.  Dave Johnson, an avid sideliner, was killed in a work-related accident.  His obituary may be found here:  He, too, will be sorely missed.

Website Update:

A big THANK YOU to BCBA member, Jennifer Cornell, for volunteering to help with the website by providing me with up-to-date information for the various categories.

Have you been on the NEW State website?  If not, you should!  I have put a TON of information out there and it really is functional right now.  Lots of folks are signing up for the forums, too.  This will be a very important part of the site so take a little time right now to sign yourself up.  When spring and summer roll around, you will be glad you did.

And did I mention that PayPal is up and running for your membership dues?  Well, it is and I thank everyone who was involved in getting that feat accomplished.  I tell ya’, we’re unstoppable!

As always, please feel free to email/call me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for being a member.

Thanks!  Beth




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