2012 Winter Meeting Recap

Winter Meeting Recap

The CSBA Winter Meeting was another success.  Nearly 100 people were in attendance this year.  I was hoping for a few more than last year–but the attendance was about the same.  The venue, Roxborough Community Center, was wonderful.  There was plenty of room for everyone and the weather was top notch so we were all able to sit on the deck or out at picnic tables for lunch.  Speaking of wonderful, so was our guest speaker Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp!  Dennis is an absolute joy to listen to.  He is enthusiastic and his enthusiasm was contagious.  No sleeping during his talks!  He was joined by Noe Marymore of the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Dr. Ron Fessenden.  Noe spoke about forage plantings for bees and other native pollinators and Dr. Fessenden on the need for a CO honey standard.  All of the presentations will be available on the CSBA site within the week.  In addition, we had an audio recording that was done and we will post it so that you can listen to the audio while viewing the presentations.  Not sure when we will get the audio published, but I will keep you posted.

The BIG MONEY HONEY contest was a lot of fun!  There were quite a few entries–but not as many as last year–probably due to the poor production that many of our members experienced this year with the drought conditions.  Once again, Mr. Steve Daly of Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association showed us how it was done!  He took home the beautiful grand prize plaque and $300.  Steve graciously donated $100 back to the Association for children’s programming.  Check out the photos on the website photo gallery (located under the forum tab).

The business meeting was conducted after the main meeting.  All of the current officers were re-elected to their positions for an additional 2 years.  The Constitution and By-laws were amended to add an additional advisor so there will now be three.  Advisors are Miles McGaughey, Terry Dorsey and Ed Colby.  I thank all of you who attended and those of you who stayed for the business meeting and especially those who volunteered to chair committees!

Someone left a beautiful gray REI women’s jacket at the meeting.  It doesn’t fit me, unfortunately, so I would like to return it to its rightful owner.  Please call or email me at 970-213-3099 or president@coloradobeekeepers.org to claim it.

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